Best Coffee Makers With Grinder [Review And Buyers Guide]

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Whether you’re a serious coffee drinker aspiring to be the designated barista of your household or you want a cup of coffee in the morning to help you attack the day.

A coffee maker with a grinder is a must-have to give you the convenience rich, silky taste you crave.

Here Are The 11 Best Grind And Brew Coffee Makers Out Of The 20 We Reviewed

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Cuisinart DGB


  • Bean hopper holds 1 1/2 pounds of beans.
  • You can decide if you want a thermal or glass carafe. This is great because you can decide how you want it to be heated.
  • Very consistent at grinding beans and creating a rich flavor


  • The grounder is loud and lasts about 30 seconds
  • Cleaning is a bit cumbersome but not a deal-breaker.

Product dimensions – 13.1 x 10 x 18.1 inches

Capresso 465


  • Doesn’t require daily cleaning
  • The grinder isn’t in the same compartment as the water reservoir, so there isn’t any steam clogging the grinds.
  • The grinder is quieter than other types of burr grinders


  • It doesn’t handle oily beans very well and will need to be cleaned more often if your preferred coffee beans are on the oily side.
  • Settings can be a bit confusing if you don’t take 10 minutes to read the manual.

Product dimensions – 9 x 9.5 x 15.5 inches

Breville Barista Express


  • As close to a professional machine as you can get without paying thousands of dollars
  • Gives you complete control over water temp, drink size, grind size, milk temperature, milk texture.
  • The most consistent machine we reviewed


  • The machine is bigger than other machines
  • Grinder is loud
  • You have to read the entire manual before using it; you will not be able to guess how to use it.

Product dimensions – 12.5 x 12.6 x 13.1 inches

De’Longhi Esam 3300


  • Latte’s, Americanos, Espressos, and Cappucino’s are all made with a silky texture and rich flavor.
  • Easy to switch between grind size to change between different drinks.


  • This isn’t a maintenance-free device, but if it’s cleaned properly it will last you years.
  • Don’t use oily beans like Starbucks brand.
  • Not the cheapest but definitely worth every penny if you can afford it.

Product dimensions – 11 x 15.3 x 14.4 inches

Breville BDC


  • Brews up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Adjustable strength control
  • Change grind settings with the turn of a knob instead of having to learn digital controls.
  • Easily change between a single cup or a full carafe


  • The steeping time for a single cup is a little slow.
  • Some settings need to be calibrated to work efficiently, but this only means that you need to read the manual (it really isn’t that hard)
  • Make sure the brewing basket is dry before use

Product dimensions – 12.50 x 8.50 x 16.30 inches

Black and decker 12 cup


  • Very easy to program
  • Can switch from whole beans to ground coffee
  • Can control the strength of your coffee


  • Simplistic design but effective
  • Universal carafes do not fit. Have to use a Black and Decker brand (so don’t break it)

Product dimensions – 10 x 13.5 x 15.5 inches

Breville Oracle

I want to admit that I’m biased towards this machine because I own it, but this is without a doubt the best espresso machine on the market for a residential household.


  • Gives you complete control over every aspect of the brewing process. You have autonomy of the shot size, water temperature, water hardness, strength of the brew, milk temperature, milk texture, grind size.
  • Let you know when to clean it, which it does by itself with little help from you.
  • It looks like a coffee art piece and will become a conversation piece, no matter where you put it.


  • It’s expensive; it would absolutely be my number one reviewed product if it weren’t so expensive.

Product dimensions – 14.50 x 14.70 x 17.60 inches

Cuisinart DGB 550


  • Can program brew cycle throughout a 24 hour day
  • Carafe keeps coffee warm for hours


  • If not kept clean will start to endure problems
  • The grinder is loud (all grinders are loud, but people like to complain about this)

Product dimensions – 7.48 x 11.20 x 15.16 inches

Chefman Grind


  • Can switch between whole beans and ground coffee
  • The compact size makes it easy to fit under cabinets
  • Can switch choose the brew strength


  • A little harder to clean than other machines
  • Uses a blade grinder instead of a burr grinder.

Product dimensions – 8.70 x 5.70 x 10.70 inches

Gevi 10 cup


  • Great design and build for an affordable price
  • The grinder is quieter than other brands
  • options for brew strength


  • The water reservoir is located in the machine’s back, making it necessary to turn the machine to full it up.

Product dimensions – 3 x 3 x 9 inches

De’Longhi Dinamica


  • It is designed and built to very high standards
  • Burr grinder is very consistent, allowing you to make different types of drinks at a high level of satisfaction
  • Cafe quality


  • One of the more expensive models
  • A milk frother is not included
  • Larger footprint

Product dimensions – 16.90 x 9.30 x 13.70 inches

A pile of whole beans with a glass coffee mug sitting on its in the middle of the pile ready to be used with a coffee maker with grinder

What Features Do You Need To Look For In A Grind And Brew Coffee Machine

There are a couple of questions and factors you need to consider before purchasing a coffee maker.

  • Type of coffee you are going to drink
  • What type of grinder
  • Filter
  • User-friendliness
  • How big is it
  • Heating element
  • How long it will last
  • Aesthetics

In this post, the machines we review are a bean to cup machines. If you find yourself still having questions, browse Coffee Semantics categories to get more info or ideas. 

We’ll go over each one and explain which ones are more of a convenience or signs of a well-made coffee machine.

I’m going to go in the order of importance to know what is more important to look for when while doing your research.

What type of coffee do you want to make

This is the first question you need to answer before you buy anything.

If you prefer a traditional cup of coffee, you don’t want to look at espresso machines, and you’ll want to focus on drip coffee machines.

Many people like to entertain and utilize a coffee bar that gives you the ability to make various drinks; if this is the case, you need a machine that will accommodate that.

It’s hard to find a machine that makes espresso and drips coffee equally well, so if you are like many people and want to be able to make both, you will be better off buying separate machines. 

What type of grinder is in it.

There are two main types of grinders

  • Burr grinders (these are preferred)
  • Blade grinders

Blade grinders are the more affordable option but cause a lot of friction, which increases the amount of heat they give out.

This can change the way your coffee tastes, giving it a burnt overcooked taste.

They also have a difficult time consistently giving you the same grind size.

This is important when trying to make different types of drinks like lattes, espresso, or americanos.

Burr grinders are more consistent and last much longer.

Try looking for types that are made out of ceramic, which will last longer, or stainless steel.

You also want to check to see how easy it is to change the grinder settings to make sure it won’t be too hard or an inconvenience when using.

What type of filter does it use

There are 2 types of filters

  • Reusable filters
  • Throw away filters

The type of filter your machine uses isn’t going to change the way your coffee tastes, but it can add extra costs and waste to the environment.

Reusable filters are a cheaper investment over time since you won’t have t constantly buy filters, but you will have to take them out after every use and clean them.

Throw away filters are more convenient to clean up after making your coffee cup, but you will have to buy new continuously, and it adds to the amount of waste in the world.

You can buy filters that are bio degradable and are made from recycled products to take that worry away.

Functionality (ease of use)

Most people probably don’t associate coffee machines with being hard to use, but some acquire a bit of your time to read the instructions and calibrate different settings to get the most out of them.

For example, I own the Breville Oracle, and it took days for me to finally get the settings calibrated for it to make what I consider the perfect coffee cup.

It allows you to adjust the water hardness, grind size, water temperature, the texture of the milk, and the ratio of water to coffee in certain drinks.

This sounds like it can be overwhelming, but if you’re like me and enjoy crafting the perfect espresso, it is time spent well.

Other people don’t get the same amount of joy from making a cup of coffee. They look at it as more of a tool to wake up in the morning and don’t care as much how it tastes.

How big is it (dimensions)

I don’t think you should give up features that will hinder your coffee experience to find a machine that will look better on your counter, but some are much bigger than a traditional coffee machine.

If you’re looking to put it under a cabinet, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t too high.

If you’re making or using an existing coffee bar, you need to see if it will fit nicely.

3 cups of latte with shapes made from the foam brewed by the best espresso machine with ginder

What type of heating element does it use

The heating element is going to change depending on the type of machine you’re buying.

An espresso machine will heat the water internally, which will dictate the temperature of your espresso, latte, or americano.

If you’re looking for a drip coffee maker, the heating element will either be the hot plate that the glass carafe sits on, or the coffee pot will be a double insulated thermal option.

If you’re looking to keep a carafe of coffee warm throughout the day, then you can keep it on the hot plate and pour yourself a cup whenever you’re ready.

If you want to keep a pot of coffee warm while sitting it on a table for people to help themselves, then an insulated thermal pot is better.

How long will it last you

No one wants to buy a coffee maker and a year later have to buy another.

Coffee machines and grinders see a lot of use and need to hold up to daily abuse.

this is why it’s important to check out the warranty; some brands offer a 3-year warranty while others make you pay for an extended warranty after 1 year.

What features do they have

This is where you need to decide just how serious of an amateur barista you want to be.

Do you want to adjust grind size, milk texture, water hardness, brew settings, and specific temperatures, or do you want to push a button and wait for fr it to be ready.

The more features a brand is offering, the higher the price; make sure you’re getting what you want or not getting too much.

No need to spend the money if all it’s going to do is give you a headache.


This isn’t the most important factor, but since your coffee machine will probably sit on your kitchen counter or be a focal point on a coffee bar, how it looks will matter to many people.

Most come in different color options and looks.

From your basic drip machine to the Breville series that looks like high-grade commercial brands belonging in a restaurant or coffee shop.

Whatever your taste is, if you have the money, you should have fun with it and make it a focal point instead of just another kitchen utensil.

Does Grinding Beans Right Before Brewing Make A Difference

Heck yeah.

As soon as your ground beans oxidation starts to occur, this is when oxygen molecules present in the air or in any container that is not sealed properly starts to erode the acids, aromatics, and oils.

These elements are what give your coffee a strong, rich flavor.

Grinding fresh beans right before you make a cup of coffee or an espresso ensures that you will get the best taste possible unless your beans are stale.

Is It Worth Getting A Coffee Grinder

If you even somewhat enjoy a good cup of coffee or espresso, a grinder is an absolute must.

  • You’ll be able to grind your beans right before you make your coffee to guarantee a rich flavor or silky espresso shot.
  • It will give you a grind setting to pick from a coarse, fine, or in between so that you don’t have to worry about over or under extraction.
  • You can change the grind for any brewing method like a drip machine or espresso maker.

The biggest benefit of having a built-in grinder is to change the size of your ground beans.

If you’re using a french press method you’ll want coarse grounds due to how you’re using a wire filter and want the coffee to seep into the grounds during a longer brew time.

If you’re going to use a drip machine a medium grind is the best since a finer grind will clump together causing it to clog and not allow the coffee to drip into the carafe. 

Plus, it gives you the ability to ground as much as you need not waste any.

This is important since fresh coffee beans are not cheap.

What Grind Size Is Perect For Espresso

Grinding beans for espresso is one of those subjects that will garner 10 varying responses from 10 different people.

This is due to everyone’s opinion and unique tastes.

The general rule of thumb is if that want a fine ground so that the steam pressure isn’t hindered extracting the coffee.

If the ground is to course, the steam and water will run right through the ground, but if it’s to find, it will clog the portafilter screen and keep you from getting the maximum amount of coffee or nectar as I like to call it.

You generally want the grain of the coffee to be comparable to beach sand.

Does A Finer Grind Make Stronger Coffee

The simple answer is no.

Depending on how you’re brewing your coffee, you will need different grind sizes to ensure the right amount of extraction is met.

If you’re using a french press, you have to have coarse grinds to keep them from falling through the filter.

If you’re making espresso, you need a finer ground to allow the steam pressure to push out as much coffee as possible.

A finer ground does not determine how strong or weak your coffee is, but it will give you a richer flavor.

Is It OK To Grind Coffee Beans The Night Before

Within 15 minutes of a coffee bean is ground, a process known as oxidation starts to wear away at the acids, oils, and aromatics.

The oxygen molecules in the air cause oxidation, so the only way to stop it is to store it in a vacuum-sealed container or wait until you coffee cup coffee cup

Are Blade Coffee Grinders Really That Bad

Yes! Yes! Yes!

For everything you do in life, you need the right tool for the job.

Blade grinders pulverize the coffee bean into inconsistent sizes, chunks, and powders.

Different machines and brewing techniques rely on a certain grind size to extract the coffee from the bean.

When you have a mixture of coarse, medium, and fine grinds in your filter or porta filter, it will lead to the filter’s clogging or over or under extraction methods.

Simply put, you will have a nasty tasting coffee and eventually a broken or very clogged coffee machine with a grinder.

A cappuccino made from a coffee maker with a burr grinder

Does A Burr Grinder Really Make A Difference

Would you buy an expensive car and put cheap tires on it?

Or get a nice piece of filet mignon and cook it in the microwave?

These examples are similar to having a nice coffee maker and not using a burr grinder to ground your beans.

It’s more expensive than a blade grinder, but it is because they are made with higher-grade material that won’t break and are less inclined to become clogged or jammed.

A burr grinder is a thousand times more consistent than a blade grinder.

A pair of serrated plates made from ceramic or stainless steel oscillate to in every angle within a circle to evenly grind the coffee bean until it gets to a certain size allowing it to fall out the bottom.

The ceramic burrs are more expensive than stainless steel but will save you money in the long term since they will last most of the time twice as long.

Most of your espresso machines will use a conical burr grinder since they are efficient at creating a fine grind.

The other option you will see while doing your research is flat burr grinders. These are very consistent but can be challenging for a first time user.

This due to how they need to be calibrated to get the exact grind size; this sounds much harder than it actually is, so don’t let it deter you from buying one if you like it.

To alter the size of your grounds, tweak the distance between the burrs.

Are The Grinders Included In The dual Machines All Made Of The Same Quality

All machines will have different types of grinders made of different types of material. That will vary in strength, performance, and lifespan.

Burr grinders and blade grinders are the types included in coffee machines that have built-in grinders.

You will have to buy a moderate to the expensive machine to get a perfect grinder; this is why it’s important to research what it is made out of and whether it’s a burr or blade grinder.

Are Electric Grinders Better Than Manual

There are pros and cons to both types.

Believe it or not, you will actually get a more consistent ground with the manual grinders, but you won’t adjust the grounds’ size.

For example, you won’t be able to make the course for a french press brew or make espresso you don’t have the ability to make them finer.

Another drawback to the manual type is that if you are making coffee for a larger number of people, you may find manually grinding each cup to be overwhelming.

The electric ones are much easier to use since all you have to do hit a button but cleaning them is harder than a manual one.

If you want an electric model that doesn’t have false burrs, a good warranty and is wired correctly, you need to pay over $100 to ensure that you get the quality and consistency you’re looking for.

Are Multipurpose Machines Better Than Single Use

Your household can only answer this.

If everyone in your family likes their coffee prepared differently, you will need a multipurpose machine that can fulfill various needs.

If you only drink one type of coffee, it would make more sense to buy a machine specializing in that area.

Whichever choice you make, your beverage’s quality will move greatly by making sure it has a built in grinder.

Should You Use Filtered Water

You should absolutely use filtered water, and most of your well-made machines will come with a water filter built into the water reservoir.

Never use distilled or reverse osmosis water since this will cause corrosion and leech metals into your water.

What Would You Consider As Some Of The Best Coffee Grinders

The highest quality coffee grinders are going to be conical burr grinders made out of ceramic.

Due to the friction caused by these machines, the pieces will be made out of heat-resistant high-grade steel and ceramic, making them a little expensive.

You can get away with some products by being frugal, but a good coffee grinder isn’t one of them.

  • Oxo Brew Conical Burr Grinder
  • Breville the smart grinder pro
  • Baratsa virtuoso conical burr grinder
  • Porlex manual grinder

Can a Coffee Grinder Be Used To Grind Spices

You shouldn’t do this since both products are designed for different types of use.

Spice grinders use blades that aren’t as strong as blade coffee grinders to cut herbs and spices into smaller pieces.

Coffee grinders use blades or burr grinders made of stronger materials since coffee beans are denser than herbs or spices to grind the beans instead of cutting them smaller.

If you use spices in your grinder, then use it for coffee; it will change your beans’ taste no matter how well you think you clean it out.

Do Expensive Coffee Grinders Make A Difference In The Quality Of The Coffee Brewed

Absolutely, in fact, you can’t brew certain types of coffee unless you change the grind to coarse, fine, or moderate.

If you want to have different types of drinks, you must be able to control your ground beans’ settings.

You can’t make a mocha blend with moderate grinds, an espresso with coarse grinds, or a french press with fine grinds.

They all need a certain size grind to allow the correct amount of extraction from the brewing process.

Why Are The Good Coffee Bean Grinders Ridiculously Expensive

They are expensive because to give you a consistent grind, and they need to be made of conical burrs manufactured out of ceramic or very high-grade steel.

The wiring and calibration have to be perfect so that when you change from one grind setting to another, it always stays consistent.

It’s widespread today for manufacturers of all products to use plastic when they should be using metal.

This makes the production a lot cheaper for the various companies but gives the consumer a low-quality item that will eventually break.

Grinders have many moving pieces that are oscillating at high speeds close together, causing friction and heat.

To handle multiple uses every day, they need to be made with high-grade materials that cost more money.

Should I Upgrade My Grinder Or Coffee Maker First

 I would always recommend upgrading your grinder first as long as your coffee maker still functions properly.

Whether or not your beverage tastes rich, smooth, and flavorful has more to do with the beans being ground right before you brew them and the grind’s size depending on how you’re brewing them.

Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Have A Grinder

Yes, the ninja coffee bar has a stainless steel blade grinder that can grind up to 60 grams of coffee at one time.

Blade grinders are not the best or most consistent, but if you don’t have a grinder, this will still be a massive upgrade.

If you read the reviews, customers don’t write about having any problems with the blade grinder or affecting their coffee.

This may be due to them not knowing any better or because most reviews are done when the product is brand new.

I would like to hear from a couple of reviewers after they have had the ninja coffee maker for a year and see how it is still holding up.

Can I Grind My Instant Coffee In My Nutribullet And Use My Coffee Maker To Brew The Coffee

To get the perfect coffee cup, you need the right tools, and I would normally recommend not using any other type of grinder besides a coffee brand.

The Nutribullet, however, is like a compact food processor and comes with 2 blades, the milling blade, and the extractor blade.

When using it for coffee beans, you want to use the milling blade.

If you want coarse beans to fill your hopper 3/4 of the way and use the pulse setting to ensure you get an even consistency.

To make a finer ground, take your coarse grounds, and then allow the Nutribullet to run for a full 10 to 15 seconds, keep repeating if you want it to be finer.

While this is an acceptable method, if you don’t own a coffee grinder, you still will not control the grinds’ size like you would a machine built to ground coffee beans specifically.

Can A Pepper Grinder Be Used To Grind Coffee Beans

If you have no other choice, a hand-cranked pepper grinder will do the trick, but you will not have the same control of making your grounds the perfect size.

If you’re only looking for a way to ground some coffee to have a cup, then, by all means, go for it.


There are many different factors that go into the quality and effectiveness of a coffee maker with a grinder.

If you try to go to cheap you will have issues down the road causing you to have to buy another model and spending more money in the long run.

Follow this guide to look out for the quality brands and only buy the coffee makers that include the accessories or options you need and are going actually to use.