3 Reasons Why You Should Make Coffee-Flavored Belgian Waffles Today!

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So, coffee-flavored Belgian waffles for breakfast? Hmm, let’s find out why…

What Are Belgian Waffles?

Belgian waffles are light, fluffy, and perfect for eating with your hands or turning into a sandwich. Add some whipped cream on top and you have the perfect combination of sweet and savory that will get your day started on the right foot-or hand!

Belgian waffles date back to 1869 when they were first introduced in Brussels as “waffles”. The recipe was popularized throughout Europe by Joseph de Liège who opened a street cart selling them during the Brussels World’s Fair of 1880. They became very popular because they were made with yeast which resulted in lighter, airier waffles than those made from better quality flour. Today we can find Belgian waffle recipes all over the world due to the worldwide distribution of the famous Liege waffle. However, coffee-flavored Belgian waffles are special because they are traditionally made with a light coffee-flavored syrup that is placed on top of regular waffles before serving.

Today coffee flavoring is available in many different forms including coffee liquor, coffee creamers, coffee liquor, and coffee creamers. Coffee liquor contains alcohol which can make the waffle harder to cook (since it evaporates). Coffee creamers are usually made up of dairy products that can make the waffles soggy. Coffee syrups and coffee extracts are the best options as they do not contain dairy products or alcohol which can affect the fluffiness of your coffee-flavored Belgian waffles.

If you’d like to learn why you should try coffee-flavored Belgian waffles today, keep reading.

Coffee Flavored Waffles are Delicious & Healthy!

We normally drink coffee in the mornings, but have you ever considered having a coffee-flavored breakfast? Belgian coffee waffles have a sweet taste, so they are ideal for the beginning of the day or as a dessert after your meal. Not only do coffee waffles taste amazing, but they’re also an easy and quick meal option. However, if you don’t enjoy coffee, there are more waffles with different flavors you can make, or try some of the recipes in one of the top-notch restaurants, such as Waffle House. You may check the Waffle House menu with prices ahead of time to ensure you’re ordering the kind of waffle you want. When we talk about the health benefits that this meal will bring to you,  coffee waffles look even better!

It’s no surprise that coffee is good for us! It wakes up our brains and can improve some of our abilities to function properly. It also helps maintain some of the things we need in our bodies like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Even though coffee tastes delicious, it’s not usually thought of as a healthy drink. But this is because most people add so many unhealthy things inside their beverages such as sugar and creamers. However, waffles can help you get your dose of coffee while getting the nutrients mentioned above!

Coffee is high in antioxidants which can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Most coffee consumed by Americans contains caffeine that stimulates the central nervous system making you feel awake and alert (depending on how much coffee you drink). So as a conclusion, when coffee meets the waffle, they become an amazing healthy breakfast no one can resist!

It’s Fast & Easy (in just 30 mins) – All You Need is a Waffle Maker and Coffee Pot! 

Belgian waffles with coffee are very simple to make. You just need coffee, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon powder, and baking soda which you probably already have in your kitchen pantry. As for the type of coffee to use: it can be either coffee grounds or instant coffee (the kind that dissolves in water). If you want crispy coffee waffles, it’s best to use coffee grounds and if you’d like coffee waffles that are soft inside, instant coffee is the way to go!

The coffee you use should be at room temperature because it blends better with the other ingredients. Just mix coffee into the batter and that’s it! You can also add flavorings such as chocolate syrup or maple syrup or other toppings like bananas and cream or ice cream. The options are endless!

Belgian coffee waffles are also very quick to make. You just have to whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl and pour it into your previously heated waffle maker. Let the coffee waffles cook for 5 or 6 minutes (or however long you want) and that’s all! For the best coffee-flavored Belgian waffles, you need to brush some coffee onto the Belgium waffle pan before pouring any batter – this way you get coffee flavoring on the waffle’s surface – and not just coffee flavor. This fantastic dessert will undoubtedly wow your guests, and it’ll only take you around 30 minutes to prepare.

You Can Make Them Ahead of Time and Freeze Them so You can have Coffee Flavored Waffles Anytime!

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy diet when we don’t have enough time to focus on it. Even though some meals need just a few minutes to be prepared, it can take hours for you to make them.  Fortunately, this type of Belgian waffle requires just 30 minutes to be ready! Not only that- coffee waffles can also be frozen and eaten whenever you feel like it.

This is why coffee-flavored Belgian waffles are perfect for people with busy lifestyles because you can make them ahead of time and freeze them. Once they’re done, let them cool completely and then store them in an airtight container or freezer bag. This way you can have these delicious waffles any time you want!


So instead of opting for the usual coffee this morning (even though coffee itself will improve your health) try eating coffee-flavored waffles instead, because waffles are a better way to start your day and they’re also more nutritious than your coffee!

This is the breakfast of champions and superheroes everywhere – Coffee flavored Belgian waffles with whipped cream on top! What are you waiting for? Get to the kitchen and make these ASAP!