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When you drink a cup of coffee, have you ever thought to yourself:

It tastes delicious, but where did it come from?’

How was it made?

It is here that you will find the answer to your questions.

Nowadays, coffee can be found everywhere: at home, at the office, in neighborhood cafes. 

But at the same time, most people have no idea where this invigorating, black gold comes from or how it’s produced. There is some knowledge of Brazilian farmers being involved, and that is it. 

My goal with this website was to introduce people to the world of coffee. 



Interviews with interesting people in the coffee industry are featured, and in-depth discussions about geeky topics.


Brewing is full of misinformation. Discover the art of brewing like a third-wave barista here.


Check out our reviews of the best coffee equipment. Our recommendations are always products we believe will improve your coffee-making ability.


My name is Jamie Hickey, and I’m a journalist. SCA certified Barista and have traveled the world while in the Marines experiencing and tasting different brewing methods and coffee culture.

The site was originally intended to be used as a coffee diary for some of my military buddies about coffee and roasting. Still, before I knew it, it had turned into an all-consuming project.

I also began working as a freelancing writer for some of the biggest coffee sites. I had gone from doing it as a hobby to obsessing about the semantics of coffee before I realized it.

The more I wrote about coffee and went to different farms in far-away countries, the more I realized that coffee is more than a hot beverage but a ritual, culture, and a large part of history.

Sure, I could continue writing about obscure coffee shops I visited during my tours, but to be honest, way more people would be able to follow the journey if I launched a site that contains every bit of knowledge I have compiled so far. Hence, this is where the site you’re viewing right now originated.


My goal is to give you guys, the readers, an inside look at everyone involved in the coffee value chain, be it farmers, baristas, or roasters that I have met over the years.

My Q Grader license was also granted to me in September 2019. It’s the most respected title in the coffee industry, and it’s run by SCA’s charitable trust, CQI.

Currently, the US has a little over 400 Q Graders.

What is a Q grader.

Similar to wine and sommeliers, a Q Grader is a person that has been tested and trained to grade or judge coffee by taste or smell.

Considering this, I believe you are in the right spot to learn about coffee. 

Unfortunately, the world of coffee still circulates a lot of outdated information and old ideas. When it comes to beans and brewing, I aim to dispense with myths and urban legends in favor of giving you a deeper understanding.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me at jamie@coffeesemantics.com, or catch me over on Instagram. I just started this. I know I’m late to the party. I would really appreciate it if you followed me to help build my page.

Thanks for reading. 

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