The 16 Best Nespresso Capsules For latte Cappuccino

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A Nespresso machine can make some of the finest at-home lattes, and the best part is there are so many different ways to customize your Nespresso drink to satisfy your personal flavor profile.

With over 60 different capsules to choose from, you can fine-tune your morning coffee to your liking and never become bored.

With so many different options, it can be overwhelming choosing which one to start with?

This is why we have come up with a master list of the best Nespresso capsules for lattes to start you in the right direction. Let’s get started!

Which Vertuo Capsule Is Best For Latte

Diavolitto. For those who want their lattes with extra caffeine, Diavolitto should be their first choice. It contains 150 mg of caffeine per pod, which is greater than the other espressos in the Vertuo line. Diavolitto is the most intense and potent espresso available.

What Is The Best Nespresso Capsule For A Cappuccino

These pods have a rich flavor and a silky texture, making them a good choice for blending with frothed milk.

So the Ristretto, Indriya (Indian), and Arpeggio (Italian) Nespresso capsules are our top suggestions for lattes and cappuccinos, respectively.

What is Nespresso

Nespresso has been in the coffee biz for over 30 years, and they have spent this time meticulously crafting their machines.

Nespresso has two different machine styles to choose from, the Original line and the Vertuo line, each with its own set of Nespresso compatible capsules.

Their Nespresso Original line machines are meant for a bold, robust short cup of espresso.

The Nespresso Vertuoline machines have more variety with a creamier finish. Both devices are built for consistency and will make you a delicious coffee with your favorite Nespresso capsules. 

Since Nespresso machines have become so popular, third-party companies have been making coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines. Still, your best Nespresso pods for lattes and cappuccinos should always be authentic from Nespresso.

A Nespresso capsule holder

What are Nespresso Capsules

A Nespresso pod is like K cups, but for espresso, they are individual aluminum pods that have pre-weighed and ground coffee in them that is opened inside the machine to brew your espresso shots with a push of a button.

What Is The Most Popular Nespresso Capsules for Latte

Not everyone’s perfect latte is the same. Some people like theirs with bold, intense flavor, while others like to stay on the lighter side.

Nespresso has it all and makes it easy to customize. 

With tons of capsules to choose from, everyone in your house can have their favorite latte at the push of a button. Here are some of the best Nespresso capsules for lattes. 

Capsules for a Lighter Flavored Latte

Barista Chiaro Intensity Rating 5

The Barista Chiaro coffee pod has a sweet biscuit flavor with a lighter roast.

You can taste the natural sweetness of the coffee come through giving it a rich taste perfect for an iced latte.

This capsule is compatible with the Original Line only.

Vanilla Eclair Intensity Rating 6

The Vanilla Eclair capsule has strong vanilla flavoring with hints of malted cereal. The smooth, velvety taste makes this a decadent choice. This capsule is compatible with the Original Line only. 

Hazelino Muffin Intensity Rating 6

The Hazelino Muffin capsule has a smooth and sweet taste. With hints of biscuit and almond flavors, this capsule has a hazelnut pastry-like taste. This capsule is compatible with the Vertuo line only.

CosiIntensity Rating 4

The Cosi capsule is a mild roast with lightly toasted cereal and fruit flavors. Cosi is an excellent choice if you want a lighter, milder latte to start your morning.

This capsule is compatible with the Original line only.

Capsules for a Stronger Flavored Latte

Barista ScuroIntensity Rating 8

The Barista Scuro has an intense, bold flavor. The strong flavor balances well with milk to make a strong latte.

This capsule is compatible with the Original line only.

Barista Corto Intensity Rating 11

The Barista Corto capsule has dark, spicy flavors for a dramatic cup. The intense flavors mixed with milk create a full-bodied yet creamy cup.

This capsule is compatible with the Original line only. 

RistrettoIntensity Rating 10

The Ristretto capsule has the perfect blend of bitterness and strength mixed with acidic fruits. Strong Latin American and East African Arabicas create this full-bodied flavor.

This capsule is compatible with the Orignal line only.

KazaarIntensity Rating 12

The Kazaar capsule has a powerfully bitter flavor with hints of pepper while still having a creamy texture. This flavor is created by combining two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala.

This capsule is compatible with the Original line only.

Best Nespresso Capsules for Cappuccinos

Capsules for a Mild Flavored Cappuccino

Barista Chiaro Intensity Rating 5

The Barista Chiaro capsule is a lighter roast with hints of a sweet biscuit flavor. The Chiaro is best served as a creamy cappuccino.

This capsule is compatible with the Original Line only.

LivantoIntensity Rating 6

The Livanto capsule is a medium roast with a fruity and caramelized flavor. Central and South American Arabicas create a balanced, round flavor. This capsule is compatible with the Original line only.

Barista FlavoredIntensity Rating 6

The Barista Flavored capsules come in a pack of three different flavors: caramel cookie, vanilla custard pie, and hazelino muffin. These capsules are a medium-roast with lots of sweetness.

These are compatible with the Vertuo line only.

Ethiopia Master Blend Intensity Rating 4

The Ethiopia Master Blend capsule has a light roast with fruit jam and orange blossom flavors. This capsule has a delicate flavor mixed with strong aromatics.

The Ethiopia Master Blend is compatible with the Original line only.

Capsules for a Stronger Flavored Cappuccino

Ciocattino Intensity Rating 6

The Ciocattino capsules are made with dark chocolate flavoring. A medium roast creates a bitter yet sweet taste.

This capsule is compatible with the Original line only.

Barista Creations Intensity Rating 11

The Barista Creations capsules are pretty strong with a dark roast and spicy flavors. This bold capsule mixed with milk creates a strong cappuccino drink.

This capsule is compatible with the Original line only. 

ArpeggioIntensity Rating 9

The Arpeggio capsule has an intense yet creamy flavor. It is intensely roasted with fruity and malted notes with hints of cocoa. This capsule is compatible with the Original line only. 

Kazaar PalermoIntensity Rating 12

The Kazaar Palermo is an intense roast with a syrupy flavor. The powerfully bitter taste has hints of pepper that are balanced with a creamy texture. This capsule is compatible with the Original line only.

Are they sustainable

The capsules are made with sustainability and quality in mind. Nespresso partnered with the NGO Rainforest Alliance to support and promote sustainable farming around the world. 

They have traveled around the world to find the highest-quality coffee to create their capsules. But, quality doesn’t stop there.

Why Are They Made From Aluminum

Nespresso creates each pod with an aluminum capsule to lock in fresh aromas and keep the coffee from oxidizing.

Aluminum can be recycled, making sustainable and eco-friendly packaging while being perfectly safe for use. 

Are They Bad For You

One of the main reasons Nespresso picked aluminum to make the packaging was that it doesn’t leech into the coffee grounds like other metals.

The casing is also coated with FDA-approved shellac, a natural coating made from organic materials commonly used as a protective lining in food and beverages.

A Nespresso rep told us that the machine doesn’t leech any BPA chemicals from plastic parts but wouldn’t say that all of the internal components are metal.

One good sign is when you first use a Nespresso, and it doesn’t have a plastic taste or smell; we have reviewed other coffee machines that were so bad you couldn’t drink from them.

g a father holding his family back from eating expired food, as an analogy of how long Nespresso capsules for latte last

How Long Do They Stay Fresh

Nespresso guarantees your espresso pods will stay fresh for up to a year after purchase. Each box also has an expiration date in case you lose track of how much time has passed. 

Is Nespresso Considered Instant Coffee

Unlike instant coffee, Nespresso pods are made with real ground coffee beans.

Their capsules are categorized for flavor and drink type, so there are pods just for lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos.

What to Look for in a Capsule Meant for Lattes

Although these are the best Nespresso capsules for lattes, there are other options out there.

When buying capsules meant for milk-based espresso drinks, there are a few things to look for to ensure you are getting the right product to fit your personal tastes. 

  • Boldness – Lattes are meant to be brewed with milk. If your Nespresso capsule isn’t strong enough the milk can easily weaken the flavor even more, leaving you with a warm milk drink rather than a latte. You want to make sure your coffee capsule is bold enough to balance well with milk or cream.
  • Dark – Just like bold capsules, dark roasts pair best with milk. Lattes are made with steamed milk so the coffee capsules need to be a dark enough roast to come through after adding milk. Light roast flavors might be too weak after adding milk.
  • Rich – Another way to ensure your coffee flavor comes through after adding milk is to get capsules rich in flavor. The richness of the coffee blends well with the creaminess of the milk to make a great latte. 
  • Espresso – Lattes are made with espresso. Don’t skimp on the espresso! A good latte starts with quality espresso. Find a capsule that has real coffee grounds and keeps fresh like Nespresso’s aluminum pods. 
  • Intensity level – The intensity level can vary between latte-drinkers. A bolder latte should be made with a capsule that has a higher intensity level. Lighter lattes will have a lower intensity level. You don’t want to go too low though or your flavor will be lost after adding milk.

Tips to Make the Best Cup

Almost anyone can make a latte or latte macchiato but getting a quality cup takes some practice.

Here are some tips to help you make the best lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos right from your own home. 


Any cup of coffee starts with quality beans.

Do the research and look for beans with a high-quality and freshness rating.

Nespresso does a beautiful job-seeking high-quality coffee farms and creating packaging that stays fresh.

Investing in a good milk-frother like the Aeroccino milk frother.

Some Nespresso machines come with one built-in or sell the Aeroccino milk-frother separately if your device does not have this capability.

When the milk reaches between 140-150 degrees F, it is ready to pour.

Swirl the milk around to pop any large bubbles, and pour the milk slowly into your espresso. There should be about three-quarters of an inch of foam on top of your espresso.


Traditional cappuccinos should have about 25 mL of espresso and 85 mL of foamed milk.

This is the same ratio as traditional lattes. The difference is cappuccinos have a more airy foam, whereas lattes have a silky, thick foam. 

To keep the bubbles, do not swirl the milk or tap out any bubbles. Instead, after frothing, slowly pour the milk into the espresso.

The best approach is to start in the middle and slowly work around the cup in circles. 


Americanos are made by adding extra hot water rather than milk to your espresso.

Brew your espresso to your liking, then pour about 3 oz of hot water in a separate mug. 

You can heat the water by boiling it on the stove, heating it in the microwave, or using an espresso wand. Once the espresso is ready, slowly pour it into your mug of hot water, and your Americano is prepared to drink.

Wrap Up

Nespresso machines come in at the top of the list compared to their competitors. With a consistent cup of coffee with every brew and tons of different flavors to choose from, you can get barista-like coffee at the push of a button.

Customize your perfect latte, or try out a bunch of flavors to expand your tastes.

Either way, Nespresso has a variety of options to fit the needs of any latte-lover. Check out some of the above options to decide which is the best Nespresso capsule for making lattes.