Coffee and Study – How to Combine Them Correctly 

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Many students face a high academic load during their studies. As a result, many of them are looking for the most effective ways to improve their productivity within the shortest terms. Coffee remains one of the best drinks that will help you boost your focus and become more effective in a couple of moments. But how to combine coffee and study in the healthiest way? Find out a list of proven tips shared by experienced students below. 

Don’t Rely On Coffee Only 

The most common mistake of many students is trying to learn the whole night. They drink coffee and energy drinks to make their brain work harder and remain productive for a longer time. However, sometimes this approach appears to be failing. If you want to prepare for a difficult exam just overnight by drinking several cups of coffee, you are still at risk of not getting a good grade. 

The same rule works for completing a difficult academic paper. If you have an urgent deadline and spend a night trying to collect facts, composing an outline, and drinking coffee, you might still not have enough time to achieve this goal.

It is also worth mentioning that not all people feel more energy after a cup of caffeine drink. You might suddenly start feeling sleepy and extremely tired regardless of the number of cups of coffee you consumed. 

To put it short, it is better not to rely on coffee only. There are many more effective ways to cope with your academic difficulties. For example, you can start using one of the most popular academic writing services online. It’s easy to find fresh essay writer review and tons of feedback by using various websites that provide academic assistance. Feel free to choose any according to the type of your academic paper, budget, deadline, and other parameters. 

Stick To The Limits 

Coffee is a drink that shouldn’t be consumed without any limits. The reason is that caffeine has a powerful impact on the human body. It increases blood pressure, stimulates some neuron links, and makes your heart beat faster. It also has a significant impact on the human brain, making it work more intensively. As a result, you get an opportunity to remember more facts faster and easier, stay focused for a longer time, and improve your productivity. 

However, most healthcare professionals recommend limiting the number of cups of coffee you consume each day to 2-3. The reason is that too much caffeine might cause serious health conditions. Moreover, it is important to be very careful with consuming coffee if you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure. 

To avoid most health issues related to consuming too much caffeine, it is better to find a balance between coffee and other drinks. Not to mention, black tea also contains some caffeine. Therefore, it is better to drink more fresh water, smoothies, or juices. 

Avoid Combining Coffee and Energy Drinks 

Most physicians will tell you not to combine these two products. The reason is that this combination gives your body a powerful shot of energy. However, for students who have even minor health conditions, a mix of caffeine and energy drinks might appear to be very dangerous. Even sportsmen and those who live a healthy way of life might face serious health issues after consuming this mix. 

If you want to be productive and learn effectively, it is crucial to take care of your well-being. Avoid trying unhealthy product combinations to remain in good shape. 

Don’t Combine Coffee and Alcohol

This mix might sound ridiculous to many diligent students. However, there are still many learners who believe that this combination will help them fight study stress and stay focused on preparing for exams or completing their academic assignments. This is a common myth you shouldn’t believe in. 

First, the mix of coffee and alcohol is not good for your body. Drinking alcoholic drinks might make you lose concentration, become sleepy, or be relaxed to achieve your learning goals. All these options are surely not good for productive learning. In this case, coffee will not help you improve your focus. As a result, you will likely lose your learning powers and get a completely opposite effect to the one you expected. 

Pay Attention To Your Environment 

When it comes to learning, your environment is one of the most important parameters for your success. There are plenty of things you should pay attention to. For example, if you try learning in a stuffy room and have a cup of coffee, your caffeine drink will not help you improve your productivity. 

It is crucial to take care of your learning space to get the best from combining learning and drinking coffee. First, make sure you have enough fresh air so that your brain receives enough oxygen. Second, avoid working in noisy environments. 

The third, and the most necessary one, is to avoid distractors. Your smartphone is one of the biggest distractors that might make you easily forget about learning and preparing for exams. You might start scrolling the social media newsfeed, go shopping online, watch entertaining videos, play games, and communicate with your mates on messengers. All these activities are incredibly distracting and might cause you to waste hours of your free time. 

If you feel you can’t stay without your smartphone for a long time, it is better to schedule your learning and entertaining activities. Be honest with yourself – you will not likely spend only five minutes on social media. Therefore, it is better to learn for 2-3 hours and then use your smartphone for no longer than 30 minutes. 

Don’t Forget About Physical Exercises 

Drinking coffee when learning is usually effective. However, there is a great way to get even better results. If you try to do some physical exercises during the short learning breaks, you will be amazed by the results. The fact is that any kind of physical activity enriches the human brain with oxygen, increases the heartbeat, and makes you feel better. 

There is no need to do some difficult exercises. Feel free to do some yoga asanas or just any short and easy training. 

All in all, combine learning and studying wisely. Remember that a healthy balance between your activities is a must for your overall well-being.