Coffee Bros Review: Are They Better Than A Regular Cup Of Joe

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Ordering coffee via the internet might be a bit intimidating at times. You could easily end up with a product that you do not like. Fortunately, we went ahead and put some of it to the test for your benefit!

We had the pleasure of tasting and reviewing Coffee Bros. Coffee, one of the more recent roasters to emerge from the New York coffee industry.

Please continue reading to learn more about the company and what we found in our review.

Coffee Bros. Company background

Queens, New York City-based Coffee Bros. is a small batch of the artisanal coffee roasting company that has only been in operation since May of this year.

When it comes to coffee, Dan and Nick’s core goal is to ensure that each batch is brewed with the freshest and most fragrant beans possible, from the point of cultivation all the way to consumption.

In addition to providing high-quality coffee, they emphasize only using ethically sourced coffees in their roasting.

By developing strong working ties with a select group of trusted farmers and growers, they can assure that their beans are healthy, full of flavor, and grown in the most optimal conditions.


  • There are four different roast levels to choose from.
  • Roasted in small batches on demand.
  • Amazon offers a convenient way to purchase it.
  • Packaging that keeps beans fresh for a long time.
  • There are single-origin blends, cold brew, and decaf options available as well.
  • For every five bags ordered, One Tree will plant a tree to help with sustainability efforts.
  • A flavor that is delicious and fresh
  • Lightly roasted to avoid overpowering bitterness
  • Freshness is ensured by having the product sealed for protection and roasted only when you order it.


  • It may be too mild for those who prefer a dark roast.
  • Not available in other countries (at least not yet!).
  • Only whole beans, not pre-ground, are available.

Does It Make A Quality Cup of Coffee

The most crucial stage is finally here: brewing the beans. We put Coffee Bros.’ coffee through its paces using various preferred brewing methods, and we were pleasantly surprised.

The beans have a strong aroma and, in keeping with the company’s guarantee, do not arrive overly roasted when they are delivered.

Drip And Espresso Brewing Results

When it came to the most complex of flavors, the Light Roast was delicate and unquestionably tasty.

In addition, this blend of Ethiopian and Colombian beans had overtones of honey, lemon, and caramel, which was exactly what we were hoping for in a cup of espresso.

This medium-roasted blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans has hazelnut notes, brown sugar, and red fruit in its flavor profile, making it a great choice for those who like to experiment with their coffee.

While the coffee had a powerful, almost grape-like aroma, it was smooth and creamy, and it was wonderfully easy to consume.

Though lighter in color than you might imagine, keep in mind that espresso is a method of preparation rather than a specific variety of beans or roast.

Espresso beans are frequently black in color. However, this is not always the case.

A combination of Colombian and Ethiopian coffee beans, this blend has vanilla, strawberry, and sugar cane aromas that are quite pleasant to drink. The Aeropress espresso recipe I used turned out excellent.

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Roasted To Order

Having the right timing is critical when it comes to roasting delicious coffee. Receiving freshly brewed coffee that has already lost its powerful flavor is one of the most annoying aspects of ordering coffee online.

Coffee Bros. considers this and begins roasting and packaging your coffee as soon as you place your order.

This ensures that you receive precisely what you have paid for: the freshest, highest-quality coffee as quickly as possible.

The Different Roasts They Offer

Coffee Bros. keeps things simple by offering only eight different high-quality roasts for you to pick from.

We tested the espresso, dark, light, and Sumatran roasts. This was enough to give us an idea of the flavor profiles, roasting techniques, packaging, and delivery times.

light roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Light Roast

This roast, which has a gorgeous golden caramel color, is high in caffeine and flavor and has a pleasant aroma. This tea has a vibrant and powerful flavor, with notes of honey and citrus, and floral tones.

However, because it contains a higher acid concentration, it is crucial to remember that it may not be the greatest choice for coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs.

However, when it comes to the mouthfeel, the crisp flavors in this roast provide a nice balance to the silky smooth texture of the roast.

Its vivid flavor is ideal for sipping straight up, but it mixes well with a splash of flavoring or sweetness to make a cocktail.

Before reaching your cup, these beans are treated using the washed method. As part of the manufacturing process, fermentation helps extract the interior sugars and acids from the coffee, which are responsible for its particular flavor and fragrance.

Following this process, the lighter roasting technique allows the natural flavor profile to remain intact while increasing caffeine concentration.

Medium roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Medium roast

With beans imported from Brazil and Ethiopia, this blend has been roasted to perfection, and you won’t even need to brew it to get a taste for the notes of hazelnut, brown sugar, and red fruit–you’ll be able to smell them as soon as you open the bag.

The medium roast has a rich, less acidic flavor than the light roast and has a sweeter scent than the light roast.

Medium roast coffee has a well-balanced body and acidity, making it a pleasant cup of coffee to drink black or with a small amount of creamer first thing in the morning.

The beans used in this roast have been naturally processed, which means that they have been left out in the sun to dry completely before being oven roasted.

Since drying in the sun aids in the breakdown of the inner sugars, and roasting causes those sugars to caramelize, this processing method complements the roasting technique, resulting in a delectable combination.

Dark roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Dark Roast

Coffee Bros. Dark Roast is full of rich, smoky taste and has a silky-smooth texture sourced from Sumatra, perua, and Brazil that makes every sip a pleasure.

This roast, which has undertones of chocolate, caramel, and maple, is a perfect choice for individuals who like a powerful flavor in their coffee.

While many other roasters tend to overcook or even burn their beans throughout the roasting process, Coffee Bros. roast keeps the dark notes of flavor that aren’t softened or overshadowed by the charred flavor of the coffee bean throughout roasting.

Because of its savory flavor, this roast can be enjoyed on its own or with milk, creamer, or sweetener on the side to round out the experience.

Espresso roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Espresso Roast

The Espresso Roast is one of the most distinctive roasts that Coffee Bros has to offer, with undertones of caramel, and sugar cane. In addition, it is available in a variety of sizes.

This roast, which is made from beans sourced from Columbia and Ethiopia, is noteworthy for the excellent flavors derived from these regions and the distinct traits of sweet and fruity flavors that it embodies.

This wonderful, darker roast creates a fantastic latte, cortado, or even just a single shot of espresso on its own!

It’s a terrific, flavor-packed alternative to regular espresso that you should try if you already have an espresso machine and a grinder that can support a finer grind size.

Picture of the cold brew roast from coffee bros with a mason jar and filtered coffee bottle

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Roast

This particular coffee has been specially roasted for use in the cold brew method.

Dark chocolate, cherries, brown sugar, and beans from Ethiopia and Brazil, among other things, are present in the aroma.

We used the Aeropress to brew an iced coffee recipe.

What was the outcome? It turned up smooth, robust, and intensely chocolatey, with a surprising amount of brightness to the flavor profile. In a nutshell, Delicious.

Notes On The Blend

Everything, from the green coffee to the roasting procedure, was picked with care to ensure that the final product was a fantastic cold brew coffee.

In order to capture the distinctive taste nuances of this coffee while maintaining the aggressiveness that one would anticipate from a cold brew, we used medium roasting.

How To Make A Mason Jar Brew

Use one part coarse grind and four parts room temperature water in a Mason jar. Stir well, cover, and allow to steep for 16–24 hours.

If you want a stronger or weaker coffee increase or decrease the coffee to water ratio.

Coffee should be strained through a mesh or cheesecloth. Drink it black or add creamer, or sugar until the flavor is to your liking.

Single Origin Options

Another feature that customers appreciate about Coffee Bros. is the availability of single-origin roasts. They exclusively offer fiver single-origin coffee roasts to make things as simple as possible. .

Single-origin Costa Rica roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Costa Rican Blend

One of the most notable coffee-growing countries on the market, Costa Rica is recognized for producing only arabica coffee.

It’s a medium roast, which means it is well balanced and showcases the distinct qualities of the beans’ geographic location where it was cultivated.

Costa Rican flavor profiles include cocoa, toffee, and lemon hints, creating the ideal balance of zesty sweetness.

Single-origin Kenya roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Kenya AA

With flavors of sugary plum, chocolate, and a hint of lemon on the palate, this complex Kenyan microlot ends on a sweet note.

Kenyan Coffee Producers, Gachatha Farmer Cooperative Society’ is the name of the small holder farmer from which this coffee is derived.

This coffee is derived from the well-known SL-28 and SL-34 varietals, which are known for their unrivaled sweetness and a complex flavor profile.

This strain is one of the most well-known and highly regarded strains of African harvests. Consequently, it has spread from Kenya, where it was first discovered in the 1930s, to other parts of Africa and, more recently, to parts of South Asia and Latin America.

The sweet plum flavor, heavier mouthfeel, and cola-like characteristics of this coffee make it stand out from the crowd. Due to the limited availability of this special microlot, it is recommended that you take advantage of it while it is still available.

Single-origin Sumatra roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Sumatran Coffee

Finally, but certainly not least, the Sumatra specialty roast is a darker roast with notes of rich chocolate, herbal qualities, and citrus to match the overall flavor of the blend.

These beans, which are sourced specifically from the Sumatran districts of Kayu and Kerinci, are not only grown in nutrient-dense conditions but are also roasted to perfection to accentuate the deepest characteristics of flavor connected with their origins in those regions.

Single-origin Tanzania roast coffee bag from coffee bros

Tanzanian Peaberry

The aroma of the Tanzania roast is powerful. The slightly bitter, lemony flavors of grapefruit are automatically balanced out by the creamy, chocolatey notes of the beverage.

After being brewed, these flavors are mild enough to be enjoyed without being overwhelmed by one flavor overpowering the others.

Its full-bodied flavor, low acidity, and ability to stand on its own make it an excellent choice for black coffee consumers who prefer not to add any additional flavoring or adornment to their coffee.

This coffee achieves a remarkable balance of flavors with a medium-dark roast while maintaining a high caffeine level and low acidity.

The precise places that contribute to the distinct tastes of this roast include Kent and Arusha, each having its own specific flavor nuances that contribute to the savory character of this roast.

Ethiopia Keramo

The Dukamo brothers, Asefa and Mulugeta, are the owners of the Daye Bensa export company, which produced this exquisite microlot.

Approximately 381 smallholder coffee farmers in and around Keramo, Sidama, Ethiopia, a region known for its lush vegetation and temperate climate, are served by Daye Bensa’s coffee processing facility.

Keramo farmers have earned a reputation for picking only red cherries, and Daye Bensa Coffee was awarded a Cup of Excellence award in 2020 for their efforts.

Approximately 25 meters in length are used to dry the natural coffees on raised beds. The drying process takes 15–20 days, depending on the weather.

Our Ethiopia Microlot has a flavor profile that includes ripe blackberries, dark chocolate, and a sweet finish.

Picture of the holiday blend coffee roast from coffee bros on a table next to a plate of pastries and a wrapped present

Seasonal Specials This Is Available October – December

With overtones of cooked berry and wine, Coffee Bros. Holiday Blend makes its debut during the holiday season.

It is made with beans from Columbia and Costa Rica, the traditional Christmas flavors, it is an excellent choice for a snowy morning breakfast or a cold December night spent by the bonfire.

Why Do They Use Hermetically sealed Bags (Grain Pro)

To protect the bags of coffee beans contained within each box of Coffee Bros. Coffee, each box is constructed of sturdy, well-sealed cardboard.

When you open the package, you’ll notice that the bags of coffee are individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

In addition, the bags themselves are carefully taped shut to prevent any unintentional leakage of air from occurring.

However, the endeavor to maintain the quality of the coffee beans through proper packaging happens long before the beans arrive at your door.

In fact, the usage of GrainPro hermetically sealed packaging by Coffee Bros. is one of the traits that distinguish the brand.

While the green coffee beans are being held in storage until the best season for harvesting, they are delivered in GrainPro bags that are specifically designed to keep out odors, mildew, moisture, and any other potentially dangerous things that could affect the flavor of your coffee.


Another aspect that we appreciate is the 12oz bag of coffee itself, which is included in the price and the shipping methods and packaging.

It is composed of thick, sturdy material, and the bags are resealable to ensure that the beans remain as dry and airtight as possible throughout storage.

In addition, the bag is equipped with a degassing valve, which allows for the removal of any undesired CO2 from the bag before it is completely resealed.

Along with the ability to keep the bag as well sealed as possible, it is also intended to hold all of the information you need about the coffee itself.

Information about the flavors of coffee, how it is processed, where it comes from, and even instructions on how to make coffee with different types of beans are covered.

Are They Sustainable

Even though Coffee Bros. is a modest company, they strive to impact the environment positively.

Currently, the roasters are working in collaboration with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of trees in the world.

In addition, coffee Bros is currently offering a tree-planting incentive for every five bags of coffee purchased.

So not only will your coffee taste fantastic, but it will also make you feel fantastic because your contribution will be help the preservation of the ecosystem that made the coffee’s cultivation possible in the first place.

Do They Sell Whole Beans And Pre Ground

They only ship their coffee in whole bean form, so you’ll need to make sure you have a coffee grinder on hand to sample it.

Because their first purpose is to ensure that your coffee is as fresh as possible when delivered to your home, they do not grind the coffee to avoid becoming vulnerable to oxidation during transportation.


Currently, Coffee Bros. is restricted in the areas to which they can ship their excellent beans. Additionally, because they are just getting started, they can only ship within the United States’ continental territory.

However, this is totally understandable because the company is still growing, and we are looking forward to seeing where Coffee Bros. will be able to ship in the future!


The bottom line is that Coffee Bros. is a terrific coffee company that has the roasting process down to a science to ensure that you don’t receive over-roasted beans delivered to your door fresh.

It is important to them that their roasts are done meticulously, and they place high importance on the quality of their coffee and the satisfaction of their consumers.

As a result of our own personal experience, we can confidently state that Coffee Bros. actually roasts to order and you truly do end up with fresh coffee beans.

If you’re in the mood to try something different and be adventurous I would encourage you to try them sooner than later.