Going All-In On Coffee and Online Gaming

a person playing a VR game while drinking coffee

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From coast to coast, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the US, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

The rich-bodied beverage made from freshly roasted beans is an assault on the senses, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of an Arabica blend to draw you in, and it’s certainly the case now more than ever. More of us than ever before are picking up a steaming cup of joe, as the latest figures in a report from the National Coffee Association reveal. As a nation, we go through 656 million cups per day! We all have reasons for picking up the beverage, whether it’s part of the social experience as we meet up with friends or utilize our caffeine consumption more practically, using it to help concentrate in our work or even in our hobbies like online gaming.

People who take to digital pursuits certainly appreciate the extra boost of dopamine levels that are brought on by coffee, so much so that Esports championships have signed up coffee companies as their official drinks partners over in Australia.

Of course, that’s not the only popular online gaming activity where there’s a benefit. The temporary closure of places like casinos left players looking for alternative ways of enjoying their favorite games such as roulette and poker. It’s a commonly accepted fact that cryptocurrency could be the key to help grow online poker in the US in the future. Right now, five states currently offer legal play and plenty of others are moving toward it thanks to disruptions in the market. As that happens, it also becomes part of the broader online gaming and iGaming family and can also be somewhere coffee finds a practical place as more than just a tasty beverage.

As already touched upon, gamers are more likely to have coffee to aid their focus, and as many online poker players often take on more than one table at a time, they need to ensure they’re on top form. From poker to Call of Duty, online casinos to League of Legends, online gamers turn to a cup of coffee for stimulation.

Here’s a look at what positive effects a good cup of coffee can have on your gaming experience.

Overcome exhaustion

Gaming requires moments of extreme concentration; you could be patiently stalking your adversary on PUBG or calculating if the odds are stacked in your favor before going all-in at the poker table. It’s tiring, but you know that you’re moments away from victory; coffee helps stave off those moments of indecision brought on by tiredness so likely that it won’t be just the liquid in your cup that tastes sweet.

Memory master

Caffeine has been shown to enhance your perceptual memory, which is the part of the brain which unconsciously encodes and recollects information, also studies have shown reaction times could simultaneously improve. However, these cognitive effects are found to be increased especially after drinking coffee, so, no matter if you want to remember and hit your braking points as you hurtle around the Circuit of the Americas lap after lap on F1 2021 or remember those tells of your opponent across the table, a fresh brew is your perfect partner.

Cast aside disappointment

Drinking coffee can boost your subjective state of mind, and it’s something that is a very welcome addition if you’re looking at overcoming the disappointment of just missing out on that final kill shot to win the game. Caffeinated coffee in particular has been found to have a positive effect on mood and attention processes and psychologists state that being happy, or having a better mood is beneficial when it comes to higher performance. This leads to better decision making, better planning, and that may be the difference you need to find that little extra to ensure you have the winning hand.

As you can see, having a drink of coffee can certainly be something that adds another layer of performance to your gaming session. So before the next time you log on, consider taking a look at our piece on Red Eye Coffee, to level up your senses and boost your energy head of a gaming night to remember.