How Office Coffee Culture Can Boost Morale in the Workplace

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Coffee culture is the next important thing in workplace satisfaction. Here is how you can use it to your advantage in your SME.

Attracting the best employees doesn’t come easily. The more perks and benefits you have in your office, the likelier you will attract and retain those high-profile employees. Coffee culture is an effortless way to access those perks and gain top-shelf employees. This is just one of many benefits of introducing coffee culture to your workplace, especially given how much it can boost morale.

What is Coffee Culture?

Corporate coffee solutions are the newest evolution in a world growing obsessed with the humble coffee bean. Recent studies revealed that Millennials and Gen Z have pushed coffee sales up by some 65% in the last few years. This growth reflects the coffee culture. Most of the current workforce comes from these two groups of people. And those groups adore coffee. 

Coffee culture is becoming integral in the workplace. A whole array of products has arisen from the meeting over the coffee phase that all teenagers now go through. After school means hanging out in coffee houses for many, and travel mug sales are through the roof. Now, we are even seeing the emergence of coffee tech. This technology focuses on home coffee machines, some with pod systems and some loose. Milk frothers are a standard household item – and all this has happened in the last five years. 

How Coffee Culture Boosts Workplace Morale?

There is more than one benefit of coffee culture on your staff morale. 

Encourage routine breaks

Regular breaks are necessary for the continued concentration of your staff members. Encouraging this will combat low productivity levels by motivating staff to do more before their break. Science says the typical concentration span of the human brain is somewhere around 30 minutes. Pushing yourself beyond this time is counterproductive.

Provides Team Building

Coffee culture can create better workplace morale because it gives people a place to gather (Around the machine) and chat while they wait their turn. This promotes a team atmosphere in the office. Restoring the team spirit is still a huge stepping stone on the return to normality post-covid. Use a coffee machine and a few bags of ground to help you restore normality in the office.

Improved Staff Turnover

One of the things that adding these little perks to the daily grind can do is improve staff retention. This reduces your annual turnover. SME owners should know that it costs half of an annual salary to onboard a new team member. If that’s an expense you want to spare your company, staff retention strategies ought to include a little workplace coffee break. 

The Multiple Benefits of Workplace Coffee Breaks

These are just a few reasons why coffee culture can boost staff morale. Let’s not forget that the added time to socialize improves employee communication and creativity. It creates a problem-solving atmosphere where more hands make light work. Isn’t it time you installed a machine?