How to Make Coffee in a College Dorm Kitchen?

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Coffee is every student’s best friend. Whether it is to complete assignments late at night or kick-start your day, coffee helps like no other beverage. But it is quite a task to find just the right coffee that pleases your taste buds.

Moreover, no one wants to waste their money going to Starbucks each time they want a cup of coffee or, worse, settle for a poorly made dining hall’s coffee. There are several ways to brew coffee as per your liking, all at the convenience of your room.

Here are some of the ways to help you out whenever you are in the mood to have a piping hot cup of coffee in your dorm room. 

French press

One of the easiest ways to make coffee is through the French press. You have the option to make a cup of personalized coffee.

It is delicious and quickly made. All you need to do is put ground beans and then add hot water. After the coffee beans are soaked well, plunge them out. French press is also cheaper compared to other methods of coffee making.

Apart from being easy to use, it does not require any filters, which means it leaves almost no waste.

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What also is great about the French press is that you can easily make 1 to 8 cups of delicious coffee at a time.

That said, sometimes the grounds trickle into the coffee, but keeping this small downside aside, the French press is the best way to go about making coffee in your dorm kitchen. Talking about the price, you can get it for somewhere between $20 and $40.


As the name suggests, this is quite similar to the French press. Loved by every coffee enthusiast, Aeropress just requires you to put a filter, add coffee grounds and water, and then let everything soak. And just like how it is done in the French press, the coffee is plunged out. 

Aeropress also works similar to espresso, giving out strong and dark coffee for the coffee lovers out there who love their coffee to be intense and concentrated to get them through a particularly tiring day. This coffee tool is very much portable, given its compact size, and easy to clean.

Moreover, Aeropress does not require a lot of time to prepare coffee. It can be purchased for $30 making it a cheaper device than other coffee-making tools available in the market and helping students save money on coffee in college. Its downsides include that it just makes one cup of coffee at a time, and there is a requirement for small filters. 


One of the most common methods used by students to make instant coffee is Keurig. Some features of Keurig are:


  • It can be easily found in any college student’s dorm room. 
  • It is compact and easy to use.


  • It makes single servings. 
  • It is pricey.
  • It is not environmentally friendly, more so because of how significantly it is used by many people. The plastic content cannot be easily recycled and generates a lot of waste. 

So while Keurig may be an easier approach to having your daily freshly brewed morning coffee, its downside regarding the environment and costly price can make it not so appealing. 


The pour-over method is widely used and preferred when it comes to brewing coffee directly into your mug within a few minutes. You do not only get a delicious cup of coffee but it is also personalized to your taste.

With pour-over, it is easy to control the temperature, water, grind, and speed of drip. It uses a cone-shaped dripper that smoothly fills your cup with refreshing coffee

Final Words

Nothing keeps workaholics going, especially students who pull all-nighters to complete projects and assignments or study for a test, like a freshly brewed, strong cup of coffee.

Today, we reviewed the go-to methods that can be used by any college student wanting to make a quick cup of coffee from their college dorm kitchen without emptying their pockets at costly brands.

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