How To Save Money On Coffee In College

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Coffee is one of the most popular energy drinks among college students and tutors. Apart from a range of reported health benefits, it’s a great way to boost one’s energy levels to keep up with crazy schedules, tight deadlines, and many assignments.  

Research has shown that 92% of students consume caffeine every year. Coffee is the primary source of caffeine intake. On the downside, good quality coffee is not cheap. It might be challenging for those who drink several cups a day to ensure a constant supply. More so for those who are on a budget.

Luckily, there are ways to save on what seems to be the most critical fuel cells for your studies.

Why are you drinking coffee?

Before ordering or making your next cup, pause and think about it. If you feel you lack the energy to do something, consider having a couple of apples. People often give in to the established stereotype that coffee is the most significant energy booster. In fact, fresh fruits and vegetables can be more effective, let alone a hyper-intensive gym session.

Another thing is that, more often than not, we keep sipping coffee just to keep ourselves busy getting through the day. It becomes an accessory rather than a thing in itself. If you just feel thirsty, maybe a glass of water will do?

Prepare your own coffee

Get your own cup of coffee as often as you can. If you are a regular coffee drinker, buy coffee beans in bulk and grind them yourself. If nothing else, freshly ground coffee is the best coffee. Use a simple grinder you can buy at a local store for no more than $10.

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Get a thermos

Prepare your daily supply, which can last you for several hours throughout the day. Investing in a good-quality thermos of an insulated coffee mug makes a lot of sense. They’ll keep your coffee fresh and hot. What’s more, they will help you deal with the temptation of buying one.

The added value of having your own mug is that you can get a discount at some cafes that are saving themselves on disposable cups. Some offer as much as 50 cents for each serving.

Use gift cards

Use gift cards creatively. This is another one of the great money-saving tricks for students who are consuming lots of coffee. Use discount gift cards and rewards, especially when offered for free. One way of earning them is by doing lots of surveys. 

For instance, you can exchange 500 Swagbucks for a $5 gift card to Starbuck if you do surveys or just watch videos. With Harris Poll, you can exchange 1,250 points for a $10 gift card.

Other options include freebies and happy hours that some coffee shops offer once in a while. So keep checking the apps of your favorite coffee shops not to miss out on any hot deals.

If you do not drink coffee too often, it might not be worth the effort. But if you are a natural coffee person, gift cards will definitely make a difference.

Look out for coffee deals online

There is always someone offering a good deal online. So keep checking out coffee deals from various vendors. Some of them you can even get for free. Others may offer substantial discounts, especially to loyal customers.

Drink less

Speaking of heavy coffee drinking, you can always reconsider your caffeine addiction. Try to limit your daily intake to a couple of cups and eliminate coffee entirely in the late afternoon or the evening. This will have proven health benefits, such as better sleep and stable blood pressure. It will also help you save a buck or two.

Final Remarks

For many college students, coffee is an indispensable commodity for various reasons. Some drink it to boost their energy, while others need to focus on an important task. But, whatever the driver, several coffees a day might set you off a large amount given the limited financial resources students usually have.

That’s why it makes sense to be creative about your coffee consumption habits. It’s also worth investing some of your time and money to establish a routine with cost-saving and health-oriented benefits.


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