Jura A1 Review and Comparison

The black Jura A1 espresso machine on our kitchen counter during our review process

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The Jura A1 super-automatic machine offers some of the best features on the market. The first thing you’ll notice about this coffee maker is how sleek and compact it looks – it almost looks like an Apple product! It’s also easy to use, which isn’t always the case with high-end coffee makers.

This article will detail what makes this espresso maker so great and compare it to other popular models for those looking for alternatives.

Quick Overview of the Jura A1 Review

Jura didn’t skimp or use cheap parts to make this machine; besides a steaming wand, it didn’t leave anything out of its design for you to make your favorite coffee drink.

  • Built-in grinder: It’s a bean-to-cup espresso machine with an integrated aroma G3 grinder and a hopper capacity of 125 grams. The grinder is accommodated with stainless steel conical burrs.
  • Bypass doser: The machine has a bypass doser that accepts one scoop of your preferred ground espresso beans at a time. Please note: Most of the other Jura models can add two scoops, but that’s not the case with Jura A1. 
  • Three programmable coffee drinks: Ristretto, espresso, and bean coffee. (Ristretto is the smaller and denser version of espressos). These are already pre-programmed, but you can always program them according to your preference. 
  • Touch display symbols: These symbols allow you to choose the brewing process coffee, espresso, or ristretto. The other two touch symbols let you choose the strength—one bean button is for 6grams of coffee, and the three-beans button is for 10 grams. 
  • Revolutionary pulse extraction process: Jura’s exclusive P.E.P. technology pressurizes water inside the coffee puck in small bursts. This ensures complete extraction throughout the process. 

Pros and Cons of the Jura A1

This coffee maker is full of quality pros and some minor cons. However, these pros and cons will help you decide whether the device is worth your consideration and purchase. 


  • Manually adjustable grinder 
  • The exterior has a straightforward interface with a medium body. 
  • Programmable touch symbols allow you to set the volume/extraction time of espresso and coffee. 
  • The single height adjustable coffee spout slides up and down to accommodate bigger/smaller cups. The shortest length is 2.5″, and the tallest length is 5.5″. 
  • No portafilter to complicate the machine. The spouts will directly brew after auto-grinding, dosing, and tamping.
  • You can rinse the single-spout through simple cleaning. You cannot remove the variable brewing unit in this machine. 
  • Pulse Extraction Process technology (P.E.P.) for enhanced flavor extraction. 
  • Thermoblock technology heating system
  • Claris filter cartridge. 
  • Aroma preservation cover for coffee quality 


  • The machine is space friendly, but the water reservoir, drip tray, and coffee container are smaller than usual. 
  • The water has a capacity of 1.1 liters only. It’s adequate for espresso but will never be enough for coffee. If you exclusively brew coffee, you will need to refill it often. 
  • The coffee container can only hold nine coffee pucks. 
  • The bean hopper is tiny and can hold 125g of coffee beans only. 
  • You cannot clean the interiors of the machine, or remove the brew unit. (Ifind this annoying)

Jura A1 is specifically designed for individuals who don’t entertain large parties. Moderately, this machine can brew 5-6 shots and 2-3 cups of coffee.

Frontview of the Jura A1 wth an espresso cup filled with espresso.

What type of Espresso machine is the Jura A1

Jura A1 is a bean-to-cup super-automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder and single boiler.

Its exterior has a single stainless steel spout at the front panel and a small illuminating touch screen at the top face of the machine. 

It will grind, tamp, dose, and brew your coffee with a push of a button.

This is perfect for individuals who don’t have the time in the morning to enjoy manually performing the pre brewing steps or who don’t want to invest the time in learning how to do these steps with a fully automatic machine.

Design and specifications 

The machine has an inverted footprint for easier access to the touch screen, water reservoir, bean hopper, and bypass doser. 

The top-back has a 125g coffee grounds container tightly sealed in a rectangular case to keep your coffee beans fresh along with a dedicated bypass doser and grind size settings

The touch display consists of five symbols. Three symbols allow you to program and brew ristretto, espresso, and coffee. The other two symbols will enable you to select coffee strength between 6g (one-bean button) and 10g (three-bean button). 


  • Bean hopper capacity: 125g.
  • Water reservoir capacity: 1liter
  • coffee puck container: holds about 9 pucks.
  • Spout adjustable length: 2.23 inches to 5.5 inches 
  • Overall weight: 11.31 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 13 x 15.2 inches. 
The Jura A1 extracting a shot of espresso into a clear glass espresso cup

What features does it have

Let us take a closer look at the add ons for you to decide if this machine will fit you and your household’s caffeine needs.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P)

Brewing great coffee demands accuracy. Every step is highly defined for an even extraction with a uniform nuanced flavor profile for a great espresso from grinding, dosing, and tamping. 

Jura invented P.E.P. to ensure consistent extraction that will result in a better and more balanced coffee.

While other coffee makers directly pressurize the water in the coffee puck at once, Jura A1 pours pressurized hot water in small streams or, to say, at decidedly short intervals. 

This allows the water to soak in more freely and more flexibly. A direct jet of hot water may disturb the coffee puck, but P.E.P. ensures that’s not the case.

These small jets of water ensure that every coffee ground inside the puck is evenly soaked. 

An evenly extracted coffee puck will yield a uniform brewed beverage with a balanced taste, crema, and aroma.

Please note: an under-extracted coffee will taste sour, and over-extracted coffee will taste bitter. Similarly, an uneven extracted coffee will taste both sour and bitter at times and might as well result in no crema at all. 

As a coffee enthusiast, I truly believe that even extraction is the most crucial factor while deciding the taste of your beverage. P.E.P. is an advanced technology and worth the additional expense because it ensures taste and quality.

I’m not sure why other brands haven’t adopted the technology.

the display on the top of the Jura A1

Touch screen Display

To avoid a cluttered front panel, the machine’s touchscreen control panel is placed at the top. While it might seem like a small change, I can tell you from reviewing other Jura products that this makes it a lot easier to access.

You can operate the machine from behind or from whatever side without having to bend over. 

Many machines will offer you a button control panel at the same price, but Jura A1 believes in modern technology and more straightforward functionality.

The sleek black touch panel is a compact panel with five easy-to-operate beverage options. In addition, the icons illuminate red to enhance the overall look of the machine. 

Touch panels are better than buttons because they are easier to use, don’t get stuck, and have a longer life span if kept clean.  

It also has six additional indicators above the available options. These indicators inform you about descaling, changing the filter, cleaning modes, if you need to empty the water tank, pre-ground coffee, and if the hopper is empty.

However, they only illuminate when the machine requires the desired action. 

Bean Preservation Seal

Jura A1’s bean hopper resides at the back of the front panel and has a rectangular casing covering the length of the machine.

Along with the aroma G3 grinder, the machine also offers a pre brew aroma system preservation lid/seal. Jura A1 uses a custom tightly-fit rubber gasket sealer. 

The rubber gasket ensures the preservation of the coffee beans because it tightly locks in the hopper. In addition, the rubber gasket doesn’t allow air to contaminate the beans or steal away the flavors and aroma. 

Please note: Fresh beans will brew fresh coffee, and thus, this small seal can drastically change your coffee’s flavor. Jura knows the importance of fresh beans and makes sure that you brew and grind them fresh every time without any loss. 

Jura specifically engineers the cutting angles inside the stainless steel conical burr. As a result, the company claims that Jura’s Aroma G3 grinder is faster than its competitors. In fact, it takes half the time to grind than other grinders. 

It’s faster and more efficient while grinding. Furthermore, the Aroma G3 grinder grinds freshly at the time of brewing. It doesn’t keep pre-ground coffee inside the system. 

a top view of the Jura a1 led display

Aroma G3 grinder

Jura’s grinder offers six grind size settings for espresso; most of these settings are the default for fine grind because espresso demands talcum-like fine powder for complete and robust extraction.

However, please keep in mind, the finest settings may concentrate your coffee too much. Thus, choose and select the grind size setting accordingly. 

The ground coffee is further processed for tamping and the P.E.P. process. The essential features of the pre brew Aroma system G3 grinders are: 

Please note: Always change your grind size settings when the grinder is functioning/running to avoid damage. Also, don’t use flavored or oily coffee beans inside a super-automatic espresso machine; it will damage or choke your system.


Super-automatic espresso machines have dual nature—automation and programmability.

While automation will automatically initiate brewing and stop brewing, the machine also allows individuals to program their beverages according to their needs.

You can change and save the volume/time of the espresso/coffee with Jura A1. 

It’s not difficult to program your beverage with Jura.

  • Switch on the machine and allow it to heat up. 
  • To program, long-press the espresso/ristretto/coffee symbol for three seconds and then release the symbol. 
  • Your machine will flash the espresso/ristretto/coffee symbol along with the coffee strength symbol to indicate that the machine is in programmability mode. 
  • Allow the espresso to pour into your cup until the desired volume/time is met. 
  • Touch the symbol (espresso/ristretto/coffee) again to stop brewing when your desired quantity has been brewed. 
  • Your machine will save this for future reference. 
  • You can change this setting at any given time with a similar procedure. 

Jura A1 is a straightforward machine, and it intends to simplify your brewing with automation and programmability. 

The coffee spout adjusts to fit larger cups or mugs

Adjustable coffee spout

The front panel of the Jura A1 only has a single spout to pour coffee. Apart from the spout, there are no additional installments in the machine since it lacks a steaming wand. 

The long single spout resides at the center of the machine and has a significant margin to slide up and down the whole length of the device. Thus, you can accommodate as small a cup size as possible without the fear of spilling. 

The minimum height it offers is 2.23 inches, and the maximum height is 5.5 inches.

This isn’t quite big enough for travel mugs but we didn’t have any problem fitting larger coffee mugs on the drip tray.

So you can easily brew 12 ounces of coffee with Jura A1. The single spout has chrome-plating and looks beautiful at the base piano white and piano black color. 

Spouts further cut down the difficulty of cleaning the portafilter or locking/unlocking chores. After pressing the button, the machine does it all for you. 

a vector of a lightbulb with a leaf in it depicting the energy-saving mode of coffee machines like the Jura

Energy-saving mode

High energy efficiency due to the patented zero-energy switch not only saves you money but much-required power that helps the environment.

Fortunately, Jura machines offer E.S.M. (energy-saving mode) to conserve power and energy when the machine is not in use.

Your machine has a switch-off time after 30 minutes, one hour or two hours of no activity. 

You can select and program any three of the energy-saving mode. My best choice is 30 minutes of auto-off after no activity because it will save the most energy. 

The manual explains how to set this up in an easy-to-understand way.

Does A1 make regular coffee?

Yes, Jura A1 brews excellent coffee at the touch of a button. After setting up the device, you can either brew a pre-programmed coffee beverage or program it according to your specialty coffee. 

It’s not difficult to brew coffee with Jura A1. Simply touch the coffee symbol (present at the right of the touch panel) for an automatically brewed coffee. It will stop on its own according to your pre-set settings. 

To brew a personalized coffee, long-press the coffee symbol for three seconds and allow the desired amount of coffee to pour into your mug.

Once the desired coffee is brewed, touch the coffee symbol again to stop and save the brewing for the future, unlike single-serve coffee makers.

With Jura A1, you can also use pre-ground coffee to brew coffee of your desired choice. Simply pour one scoop of pre-ground coffee in the chute (not more than one) and long-press the coffee button for automatically programmed brewing. 

Please note: After adding pre-ground coffee in the bypass doser, brew instantly. It will dispose of the ground coffee if no action is sent within a minute after pouring. 

A picture of me steaming milk on a Jura8 espresso machine

Does it steam milk?

As discussed, Jura A1 doesn’t include a milk steaming option. This could be considered it’s specialty or uniqueness for individuals who don’t like milk-based coffee but can be regarded as a crime for individuals who cannot consume coffee without milk. 

Eastern lands still prefer Milk-less espresso to this date. Easterners, especially Italy, the historic land of espressos, have always embraced the authentic flavors of coffee beans without any added flavors or dilution of milk. 

Although Italy invented the steaming wand to release the extra build-up steam from the machine and later used it to foam milk, the U.S.A. and western countries popularized milk-based beverages like Cappuccino and Latte more than in Europe. 

However, true coffee enthusiasts still prefer espresso’s naturally bitter flavor for authentic and aesthetic reasons. If you are one such individual, Jura A1 will produce exceptional espresso and coffee at the touch of hand without the milk! 

Nonetheless, if you have a sweet tooth for sweet, milky, and foamy coffee, you will have to buy a stand-alone model for milk frothing

Is it easy to set up?

The set-up process for Jura A1 is straightforward. First, choose a location that’s away from water and heat sources. Next, ensure that the vents have enough space to breathe and dissipate heat without being blocked. 

Apart from the location, the machine only needs a power source and water filter put in. (it comes with this)

It’s recommended to use their exclusive Claris filter to avoid constant descaling. The scaling of elements can significantly ruin your water boiler and decrease the overall efficiency of your machine. 

If your pH value is <10 or if you have filter water access, use their complimentary water filter. After installing the water filter, prime your machine and its equipment. 

To prime, simply pull some blind shots. Once the priming is done, your machine is set for brewing without any difficulty. 

Don’t change your machine’s settings (the grind size or pre-programmed beverages) as a starter.

Pull a couple of shots to understand the accurate adjustments for your preferred beverage. If the machine pulls shots according to your likings, leave the settings as it is.

However, if you find the need for some adjustments, go for it. (Do yourself a favor and read the manual).

Women Friends Enjoyment Coffee Times Concept

How many people can it brew for?

Jura A1 is a small machine specifically designed for individuals or small households. However, you cannot expect much quantity from this device. 

It’s equipped with a small water reservoir with a capacity of one liter. While this volume is enough for pulling 20+ shots (one ounce each), the same cannot be said for a regular coffee.

Regular coffee has a volume of 12 ounces (350ml), so your Jura A1 can only produce two mugs of standard coffee before the need for refilling. 

Additionally, rinsing the machine will also consume water. Thus a 1-liter water reservoir is usually considered small. Jura A1 is designed to pull 2-3 shots without breaks, but you’d need to wait after pulling them before you brew more. 

As a result, this machine can only brew for one/two individuals back-to-back (not in one go).

Is Jura A1 easy to clean and maintain?

Due to the intelligent Claris filter that frequently cuts down the unit’s need to descale the cleaning process is simple

Ensure that the spouts are adjusted according to the height of the mug underneath to avoid spills and spraying from happening. 

This filter also protects your water boiler from becoming ruined by hard water, which is a major plus! 

  • Brush the bypass doser. 
  • Change and clean the coffee puck container after every nine brewing cycles. 
  • Rinse before and after brewing. 
  • Don’t put the washable parts in the dishwasher unless the machine allows you to. (refer to the manual)
  • Empty the drip tray

Please note: This machine doesn’t come with a removable brewing unit. This reduces the cleaning cycles of the whole brewing system.

This makes me a little scared since I like to clean it to avoid mold build-up, but when I called Jura’s customer service, they told me that it is sealed to prevent any mold from growing, which was done to make it easier to clean.

All of Jura’s products are built like this, and they have never had a mold problem with this machine or any other.

Do you have to descale it?

Yes and no. The Jura A1 claims no use of descaling as long as you activate the Claris water filter. The machine will prompt you to change the water filter once every four-five months. 

However, if you use the water tank without installing the filter, the machine will prompt descaling frequently. There’s a separate indicator for descaling as well as filter-change. 

Should I buy it? Funny analysis encourages people to buy a Jura A1

Who shouldn’t buy it

The biggest complaint will come from people looking for a machine with a built-in milk frother.

If this is you, then I would recommend looking into the Gaggia Brera. It is a super-automatic like the Jura and has frothing features, plus it is cheaper.

The Jura Z6 includes ten coffee strength levels and 13 drink options to meet your different needs if you want more control and more options. Frothy, caffeine-packed beverages at your fingertips?

Aroma G3 grinder, P.E.P., and IPBAS are all featured on the Z6, which offers a great deal of customizability than the A1.

Why is Jura so expensive?

Quality comes with a price, and Jura does its best to provide its customers with the most powerful technology.

The features that Jura offers are exclusive and not to be found in other products. Every installment in their device is highly monitored to provide delicious coffee at the touch of a button. 

For instance, the P.E.P. technology was invented by Jura to precisely pressurize water into the ground coffee at the accurate extraction period for the perfect shot. 

Similarly, all the features and installments like the Aroma G3 grinder, P.E.P. technology, touch display, classic exterior are all highly engineered to provide quality coffee.

While Jura might seem like an expensive purchase, it is the most affordable super-automatic espresso machine on the market.

Is Jura A1 worth it?

Yes, given all the conditions and features of Jura A1 and its price tag, it is worth it for coffee purists who cherish the real taste of coffee and espressos without dilution or sweeteners. 

We covered most of the features, pros, and possible drawbacks of this machine. If these certified features suit you and you can live with the minor cons, it’s worth it to purchase a Jura! 

Letters and symbols in fire on black background - Versus referring to the Jura A1 and the De'Longhi Magnifica

Jura A1 VS Delonghi Magnifica. 

Delonghi is an Italian company and has been providing affordable entry-level and high-end super-automatic espresso machines since 1902.

Delonghi ESAM 3300 S Magnifica is one such classic addition with multiple features and affordable installments. 

But is it as good as the Jura A1?

The answer can be subjective. Although Delonghi ESAM 04110 S is the upgraded version of Delonghi ESAM 3300, it’s still an entry-level machine. On the other hand, Jura A1 is a high-end espresso machine with quality. 

Both machines are great choices. However, Delonghi’s Magnifica line is known for its entry-level products. Comparatively, Jura A1 offers high-quality at every angle, and Delonghi is slightly behind that advanced technology. 

Also, as per the price, Delonghi is a much cheaper deal ($500) but is an entry-level espresso machine. Oppositely, Jura A1 is a more expensive machine with high-end features and quality installments. 


The compact but powerful Jura A1 espresso machine is ideal for coffee purists who just want an espresso, ristretto, and black coffee.

The design has been overhauled, incorporating a variety of premium innovations, like the Pulse Extraction.

Process and the Intelligent Pre-Brew Fragrance System, alongside a high-quality conical burr grinder that’s meant to extract as much flavor and aroma as possible.