Jura D6 Review And Comparison

jura d6 sitting on a m,arble counter with the m,ilk spout extended to the milk container ready to brew a cappuccino

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Would you like to make cafe-grade drinks without leaving your house with a press of a button? You will find this Jura D6 review quite informative if you answered yes.

Jura’s E-line has proven to be a huge hit. As a result, they pared down to the D series to offer a more affordable machine with all the features you need for an excellent cup of coffee in the morning.

Does it live up to the rest of the Jura line? Find out what we thought of the Jura D6 in this review and if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Jura D6 Review

New to Jura’s lineup is the Jura D6 coffee machine. This is an affordable alternative for the most popular E-line models, like the E8.

A year after its debut in Europe, Nikon’s D6 was made available in North America the following year. With a milk frothing system included, it’s ideal for people that enjoy milk-based espresso drinks.

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  • Uses an automated process to clean and maintain.
  • An integrated burr grinder and bean hopper are built-in.
  • Useful in professional settings since the coffee grounds container is large enough to accomodate larger groups of people.
  • It can be used for a wide variety of coffees and milk-based drinks.
  • The frothing and steaming processes are fully automated.
  • Because of how simple it is to operate, this coffee espresso machine is ideal for those just getting started.
  • Coffee recipes for six different types are included.
  • This appliance is ideal for small kitchens because of its compact and sleek design.
  • The coffee beans’ aroma and flavor are preserved in the grinder.
  • Stainless steel is used to construct the main body.
  • A 15-bar Invensys pump.
  • Thanks to a 1450-watt thermoblock that heats up quickly, you can start brewing in about 30 seconds after turning the machine on.
  • There are a total of six grind settings on this stainless steel burr grinder. However, there are actually 12 different values to choose from if you rotate the knob (between drawn white dots).

Cons/Jura D6 Problems

  • Pre-ground coffee is not accepted.
  • After a certain amount of time, some parts may need to be replaced.
  • At the start of the cycle, it dispenses a small amount of water into the cup.
  • To make hot milk with fewer bubbles, you can’t lower the milk foam temperature.
The Jura d6 with an espresso shot, cappuccino, and double shot sitting in front of it.

Quick Overview Of Features

Several of Jura’s innovations are exclusive to the company. Here are some of those features available in the D6.

Aroma G2: The burr grinders from Jura use Aroma G2 technology to give the coffee grounds a highly saturated aroma by designing their conical burrs differently. This allows the beans to be ground in a way that doesn’t destroy the fats and oils that give you a deep flavor.

Jura uses its Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) to extract as much flavor as possible from the grounds. This evenly extracted coffee.

Jura uses an energy-saving model (ESM) to prevent losses and keep overall consumption at an all-time low.

Some Jura products use a CLEARYL filter to keep the water’s purity intact. Removes odors and tastes from the water and slows the growth of scale.

When the CLEARYL filter needs to be replaced, the Intelligent water system or (I.W.S.) technology alerts you to this fact; it also lets you know if you’re using hard water.

A cup of cappuccino made with the Jura D6

Most Importantly-How Good Is The Coffee

Unlike some of Jura’s more expensive and fancier coffee machines, the D6 lacks some of Jura’s more versatile features. However, if you’re willing to pay for it, you get what you pay for here.

Cappuccino, espresso, and coffee can all be made with the Jura D6. With a double spout, you’re able to extract two shots simultaneously. You can also froth milk or dispense hot water from the water reservoir for tea.

It is possible to set the volume and strength of each coffee drink and choose from four different options for coffee strength. When making a cappuccino, you can also adjust the volume of the milk foam.

So even though the Jura D6 lacks some of the features of the larger models, you still get a lot of options to customize your drink to your preference.

One fallback is that the frother is always set too high, so you will always receive a milk foam that is more suited for a cappuccino rather than a latte.

In contrast to latte lovers, cappuccino drinkers will appreciate this machine’s affordability and ease of use, making it an excellent option for those who prefer their brews frothy.

Since most cappuccinos are made in wide bowl-style mugs, you can rest assured that your favorite mug will fit. In addition, the milk spouts were set back, even more, creating an improvement over previous models.

picture of the coffee spout brewing an espresso on a Jura d6

Are These coffee Machines Designed Well

Jura super-automatic espresso machines are made in Switzerland and have long been recognized for their stylish design and have won numerous awards. Therefore, there’s no reason to discount the D6 because it is one of Jura’s cheapest models.

The D6 automatic coffee machine keeps in touch with other Jura coffee machines with its clean lines and polished appearance.

Platinum or piano black are the two color options. It’s only 11 inches wide by 13.6 inches high by 16.3 inches deep, making it very compact for an espresso machine with a built-in grinder. It also has chrome accents around the knobs logo, and the drip tray is chrome on some models.

The Jura D6 resembles the more expensive Jura E6 in many ways. The D6 lacks a T.F.T. color display, which is the main difference. Instead, a rotary switch and a plain text display are used to control it. This is less high-tech looking, but it’s easier to use and costs less.

A 7-ounce hopper for coffee beans is located on the right side of the machine. You can rest assured that your coffee will remain fresh thanks to its hermetically sealed top. The water tank, which holds 64 ounces, is located on the Jura D6’s left side. You can either refill it from the top or remove it and bring it to a tap.

bean hopper of the Jura D6

Brewing Capacity/Is The Bean Hopper Large Enough

With the Jura D6, you get two machines in one: a coffee maker and an espresso machine. Espresso (1-2 oz.) or coffee (4-6 oz.) are the two options available. Making cappuccinos and lattes is much easier now that regular coffee has been optimized.

Approximately 63.6 ounces of water can be stored in the unit’s removable water tank. Therefore, about 60 single espresso shots and 30 double shots are available in a full reservoir.

The container for coffee grounds holds up to 16 ounces, and the hopper for coffee beans holds up to 7.1 ounces. Because of this, it’s an excellent option for places like offices and large families where frequent machine refills are a hassle.

In comparison, super-automatic espresso machines like the Jura Z6 (The highest-end model available) can make up to 81 single-shot espressos.

Brewing Technology

The P.E.P. brewing system is the most significant change to the Jura D6. This new brewing method was first introduced by Jura a few years ago, but it was only available on their most expensive models. Fortunately for us, it was such a hit that it’s now being rolled out across the entire product line.

Espresso is made using Pulse Extraction Process technology; it’s not used to brew coffee. Instead, the pump is activated and deactivated intermittently in P.E.P. mode, causing the hot water to pulse through the coffee puck.

The result is a thicker crema and a more robust espresso.

Consistency is a significant advantage of super-automatic machines over semi-automatic models, and the Jura D6 certainly meets that standard. In addition, there is no room for human error, regardless of the beverage selected.

Pulsed extraction or brewing coffee is accomplished by the Jura D6’s Invensys 15-bar pump. This is more than sufficient for a proper espresso shot, which requires 8 or 9 bars of pressure.

A picture of me adjusting my aroma grinder during our Jura D6 review

Is The Built-In Grinder Efficient

During grinding, the Jura D6 pays special attention to the flavor quality. The grinder used in this machine is the Aroma G2. To preserve the most aroma in your coffee, this burr grinder has been cut at a variety of odd angles.

However, the machine will not accept ground coffee. In comparison, many other espresso machines at least accept ground coffee.

However, the bean hopper does not protrude from the machine, making it stand out. Instead, it’s built into the housing, giving you plenty of headroom up top.

The Aroma G2 technology found in the Jura Z6 is also carried over to this model. With this method, you get the most out of your beans. If you’d like to get more specific, it can hold up to 12 percent more aroma than other burr grinders.

Is The Milk Frother Capable Of Making Silky Light Milk Foam

All other things being equal, the Jura D6 may not be able to froth correctly. As a result, brewing coffee and frothing milk can’t happen simultaneously with this machine’s single boiler. This is also because the spouts on the front of the device are used as coffee and the milk spout.

The milk container is bought separately unless you buy the combo pack.

For the most part, this machine’s frothing process is fully automated. The Jura D6 will automatically froth your milk without worrying about the milk foam volume.

To froth milk manually, you will need a separate milk pipe. The package includes a tube that requires some initial setup for frothed milk. This is necessary to use fine foam technology to make specialty drinks.

Is It Easy to Use

The only thing coffee lovers adore more than their coffee is a machine that makes it for them without any hassle. This amazing machine is one of the simplest to use, and it can be set up and run without reading the manual(which I wouldn’t advise).

the inside of the Clearyl water filter made by Jura to help with hard water and scale build-up

Is It Easy To Clean And Maintain

Taking care of the unit is as simple as ever. In addition, this appliance has a CLEARYL water filter. This filter helps to keep the water clean and keeps unwanted minerals out of the pipes. Scale and mineral deposits are reduced as a result.

Automatically detecting the filter is the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.). Together, they make for a more pleasant cleaning experience overall. For TUV-certified hygiene in the milk system, the same technology is employed.

Filters remove impurities like chlorine and heavy metals from water while retaining essential minerals, resulting in the greatest possible flavor for your coffee. The limescale-fighting properties of these detergents also help to reduce the frequency of significant servicing.

RFID technology is used to connect the filter cartridges to the I.W.S. equipment. You’ll be able to tell when it’s time to update your water filter, thanks to this clever design.

As long as your filters are in good working order, you don’t have to worry about poor water quality or squandering money by replacing them too early.

You will need to buy your own descaler and brushes to do a thorough job yourself.

top view of the milk frother on the Jura d6

Is The Milk Frother Easy to clean

On the Jura D6, cleaning the milk foam tube is a breeze. However, to clean your brewer immediately after brewing, you’ll need to go through the settings and manually start it.

The tube is sterilized by passing hot steam through it. If you don’t want to do it right after brewing manually, the D6 will notify you after 10 minutes that your tube requires cleaning, which at that point you will only have to hit a button.

The Jura D6 espresso machine has Jura’s Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) and CLEARYL filters, which were previously only found in higher-end models. This is a welcome addition to the Jura espresso machine lineup.

How loud Is It

I like to pay attention to how loud a coffee machine and grinder is since I like to wake up at 4 am and have been yelled at more than a few times for waking people up.

The Jura D6 is a little noisier than the more expensive Jura espresso makers, but that is expected. This may be due to the employment of less soundproofing materials.

Three coffee cups with espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino over a brown background made with the Jura D6

What type Of Coffee Drinks Can It Brew

  1. Espresso
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Latte
  4. Americano
  5. Long Blacks
  6. Double Espresso
  7. Macchiato
  8. Milk Foam

It offers six choices seen above. However, when it comes to taste and quality, they will consistently be the same flavor and texture once you have the right programs set.

Many people find these six selections to be a lot, yet it’s only a few to others. So what group are you a part of?

In addition, some customers complained that the coffee had a watery consistency. this may be due to people not having the correct strength setting picked. If you have a weaker strength setting, your coffee will be a bit watered down compared to a higher setting.

So, it’s essential to consider this option thoroughly. Which coffee flavor do you prefer? Is one of the six varieties available going to be able to meet your needs?

Is It Bluetooth Compatible

The Jura D6’s wifi compatibility is a plus for gadget lovers. All you have to do is purchase the Jura Smart Connect, and you’ll be able to use Jura’s unique J.O.E. app. You can do all of your programming and even prepare a cup of coffee with the Smart Connect app from your phone or tablet.

What Is The maximum/Minimum Cup Clearance

Under the coffee spout, the Jura D6 offers clearance of up to 4.3 inches. 4 inches tall is the average height of a regular American-sized coffee mug. Smaller than an espresso cup. In addition, the coffee spout’s height may be simply adjusted from 2.5 to 4.3 inches.

Having an adjustable coffee spout on a bean to cup machine is often overlooked, but it does make a difference when you’re brewing different types of drinks.

Reasons Not To Buy

No Bypasser

There is no bypass doser for pre-ground coffee in this device. To avoid having to empty the bean hopper, many bean-to-cup machines are equipped with an option to switch to a different bean or pre-ground coffee.

For example, if a member of your family enjoys a cup of decaf every now and again, you would be able to pour decaf beans in the bypass doser and make them a cup of coffee without having to empty the hopper.

A jar of coins referring to the money needed for the additional costs for the maintenance of your Jura Coffee machine

Additional costs

Because of the high cost of the included accessories, I believe this espresso machine is undervalued. D6 does not have a milk carafe or Smart Connect, for example. The price of this model goes up by 10% if you include these two items. In my opinion, neither of these are essential, but I have spoken to other people that say otherwise.

CLEARYL filters Jura cleaning tablets are all required in the same vein, as previously noted. It’s a good idea to stick with branded products practically.

Yet, every coffee machine needs cleaning products and replacement filters to continue to work properly.

If You Like To Have More Beverages Available

The Jura D6 makes all of the basic coffee, espresso, and milk-based coffee drinks that are widely popular. However, if you’re looking for more specialized drinks like macchiatos and flats, then you may want to buy a more expensive model or decide to treat yourself once in a while at your local coffee shop.

Coffee Espresso. Cup Of Coffee

If Espresso Is The Only Thing, You Drink

This machine can still make milk-based beverages, but it’s not the most affordable Jura model. If you’re not a fan of cappuccinos, you may save money and space by purchasing an espresso-only model from the company.

Both the Jura A1 and Micro 1 are worth a look. These machines are more affordable and don’t even come with a milk frother.

Reasons To Buy It

Many people can’t afford to spend more than $1000 on a Jura machine but yet want one that provides a decent cup of coffee and eases of use. The Jura D6 coffee machine is very well-liked since it offers a lot of high-end functions at a reasonable cost.

However, we don’t recommend purchasing this machine if you need to serve more than 15 people every day in your office. This machine is ideal for households with three to five members or smaller office settings.

Coffee, espresso, and milk-based cappuccino can all be made using this machine. In addition, because of its Pulse Extraction Process – P.E.P. – you can brew your coffee in a matter of minutes when you’re on the go.

Jura D6 V.S. Jura A1

here ar a few points that distinguish the D6 from the A1, in case you were trying to figure out which one would fit your lifestyle better.

Jura D6

The Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine is equipped with the most advanced filtration technology, which ensures that your cup of coffee tastes thousands of times better than coffee purchased from a coffee shop.

There is a bypass doser on this coffee machine, which is a small chamber that allows you to skip the regular brewing process entirely.

This coffee machine is equipped with a high-pressure pump that produces incredible flavor and crema, as well as the most advanced foam technology.

Jura D6 is a high-quality coffee machine that is Bluetooth-enabled and can be equipped with optional smart connect functionality.

It is equipped with a stainless steel thermoblock heating system that allows for two different brewing temperatures to be used simultaneously.

It is capable of making milk based drinks and has a built in milk frothing system.

Jura A1

When not in use, the Jura A1 coffee machine is completely automatic, allowing you to save money on your electricity bill and energy costs.

This coffee machine has a minimalist design that is primarily composed of piano black and a few silver trinkets and embellishments.

This coffee machine operates on 120v and has a power rating of 1450 watts, which allows it to produce coffee in a short amount of time.

Rapid and simple operations allows for the production of high-quality espresso shots and long coffee and ristretto drinks. It does not make milk based drinks unless you buy a stand alone milk frother.

It helps to maintain the full fragrance of your coffee beans after they have been ground while also reducing the amount of time spent grinding.

Conclusion Of The Jura D6 review

A cheap super-automatic espresso machine that can prepare a good cappuccino with a single push of the button or even via an app is the Jure D6. This is Jura’s cheapest machine with a milk system in terms of cost and functionality. It’s sleek, beautiful, and designed to last, just like all Jura espresso machines.