Jura Z6 Review And Comparison

the Jura Z6 review sitting on a marble countertop with a brewed Capuccino sitting on the drip tray during coffee semantics review.

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Serious coffee lovers seek espresso machines that are built to last. If you’re a frequent coffee drinker, you know how vital a good espresso maker is. That’s what made this Jura Z6 review unique.

It is a fully automatic espresso maker that will rival any cafe. Find out everything you need to know about this product in our in-depth review, which follows.

Diagram of each part and component of the Jura Z6

Jura Z6 Quick Overview

Ever since humans realized that the coffee bean contained caffeine and could be used as a tool and enjoyment, they have tried to enhance how it’s grown, and the machines used to brew them.

People at Jura have figured out how to do everything damn near perfectly, starting with the bean’s growth circumstances and ending with the grinding and brewing processes.

The Jura Z6 sets the bar exceptionally high in terms of superautomatic espresso machines. The Z6 is one of Jura’s more technologically advanced coffeemakers. It’s ideal for espresso connoisseurs and regular coffee consumers alike. It strikes a nice balance between corporate and casual attire.

The Jura Z6 manages to find the perfect mix between high-tech capabilities, the ability to create excellent coffee, and a meticulously designed aesthetic. A groundbreaking element is the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.).

The Z6 was the first model to implement this method. Engineers at Jura have devised a new way for extracting espresso that yields the most excellent flavor.

Due to its small pulse-brew method, it delivers the best possible flavor and aroma from each cup of coffee. This method allows the Z6 to produce the highest-quality espresso of any superautomatic espresso machine.

The Jura Z6 is a remarkable piece of modern coffee technology. It’s fully automated, has a full-color T.F.T. display, and is self-cleaning.

There are several reasons why this machine is one of the most sought-after on the market.

Now the real question is: does it work for you? Let’s take a closer look at this coffee machine and see if it will fit your household needs.


  • Grinders with Aroma G3 to enhance the flavor.
  • The IWS CLEARYL water filter to minimize calcium build-up.
  • A whopping 22 distinct coffee drinks that are programmable.
  • Automated milk cleaning system to clean the frothers.
  • In the end, automation saves personal freedom.
  • You can change the coffee strength with the brew selector.


  • There is a bit of a learning curve (but this is eliminated by spending 15 minutes reading the manual)
  • It isn’t the most affordable machine but there is a reason for this.
  • Only has one boiler
Piano Black Jura Z6 Pouring a double shot of espresso during our review

Jura z6 Specs

Who Is The ManufacturerJura Machines
What Type Of Machine Is ItJura Z6 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
What Is The Model Number15093
Is The Group Head RemovableNo
What Type Of Milk Frothing System Does It HaveExternal, automatic
What Type Of Display Does It HaveT.F.T. color display
Is It Bluetooth capableYes, By Downloading The J.O.E. App (Jura Operating Experience)
Can You Program Different User ProfilesYes
What Is The Capacity Of The Water Reservoir84 oz / 2.4 L
What Is The Minimum And Maximum Cup HeightMinimum 3.1 In / 8 cm Maximum cup height 6 in / 15.5 cm
What Type Of Grinder Does It HaveStainless steel conical grinder
What Volume Of Beans Does The Hopper Hold9.9 oz / 280 g
What Type Of Espresso Drinks Can Be Brewed Espresso, Ristretto, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Caffe Lungo
Can You Adust The temperature Of The CoffeeYes
Is The Milk Foam Temperature AdjustableYes
Can You Brew 2 Shots At The Same TimeYes, But You Can’t Brew 2 Milk Based Beverages Simultaneously
Does It Have A Hot Water TapYes
Does It Have 2 BoilersNo
Can you Obtain Milk FoamYes
What Type Of Water Filter Does It HaveClaris Water Filter
How Much Does It Weigh25.4 lbs / 11.52 kg
Dimensions(height x width x depth)17.7 x 12.6 x 14.8 in

The Jura Z6 Review

Close up shot of an espresso shot and the crema from our Jura Z6 review.

How The Does The Coffee Taste

A coffee machine’s flavor can only be improved if it can grind the beans freshly without destroying the oils and fats within the beans that give your coffee its texture and flavor.

The Aroma G3 grinder is the perfect tool for this. Aroma G3 allows the pod to be ground with 60 percent less residue to get the most flavor out of your beans.

To ensure that the flavor of the ground coffee is fully released, pulse extraction is used in conjunction with it. The settings allow you to adjust the intensity of the coffee to achieve a unique flavor.

The Jura Z6 also features a CLEARYL filter to remove harmful contaminants from the water. To top it all off, an aroma preservation cover is provided to prevent evaporation and ensure excellent coffee flavor.

Top view of the Jura Z6 showing the bean hopper and the brewing capacity.

Is The Design Stylish

Even from the outside, you can tell that the Z6 is a high-end superautomatic coffee machine: it’s a stunning display of Swiss design and engineering that has received numerous honors.

The Jura Z6 is smaller than the average Jura machine, measuring 17.7 x 12.6 x 14.8 inches. You can get an all-black model if you like, but the aluminum case is what we’re most fond of.

It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but the buttons on the side and the convenient rotating dial on top make it easy to use. An additional feature on the machine’s front is an illuminated double spout. Using the flexible spouts and broad drip tray, you may brew into a wide variety of cup sizes and shapes.

A blue light reveals the water tank on the Jura Z6 instead of concealing it behind the brewer, making it easier to get to the water supply and see if it needs to be filled.

With an 81-ounce tank capacity, you can rest assured that you won’t need to refill it after every cup of coffee. Removing, filling, and cleaning are all made simple by the convenient handle on top.

showing the different espresso milk-based beverages the Jura z6 can make. Cappuccino, americano, latte, flat white

Brewing Capacity

This coffee machine can brew a lot of beverages. However, if you intend to have it in a public location like the office, the hopper and water reservoir are big enough to accommodate many uses.

If you don’t find it to be big enough, read our Jura E8 review

A variable brewing unit contains coffee powder to obtain maximum flavor from the P.E.P. system. The Jura Z6’s water tank holds 2.4 liters, while the coffee grind capacity is 5-16 grams. Up to 280 grams of beans can be stored at a time.

This means that a single filling can be used to make 81 cups. The proportions of water and milk in the remaining beverages are up for grabs. This machine has enough ground coffee to create roughly 20 cups of coffee.

The Jura D6 has a few minor differences. It barely has a water capacity of 1.8 liters. You’ll be able to prepare 63 cups of regular espresso with a 200-gram capacity. However, a single refill of the coffee ground container yields around 16 servings.

The Jura E6 has a brewing unit that ranges from 5 to 16 grams. It has a tanker that contains 1.8 liters of water, and you can brew 63 cups of espresso out of it. In a filing, the coffee grounds yield 16 servings.

Diagram of the Jura z6 aroma conical burr grinder

Quality Of The Aroma Grinder

When making coffee, the most crucial step is how and when you grind the beans. Ground coffee can be purchased and used, but you won’t get the full benefit of the Z6.

This is where the G3 grinding technology shines. Using this method, the machine can grind the coffee quickly and quietly. It preserves all the flavors, and the cover prevents the device’s odor from escaping.

The Jura D6 uses the fragrance G2 grinding method in comparison. The G3 technique is nearly identical to this one. It’s slower and noisier, though. There may be some background noise in there as well.

In other ways, the Jura E6 is a little more unique. It has a pre-brew aroma system that is sophisticated. The coffee beans reach their full potential before being ground in the Aroma G2.

Beautiful woman making coffee for breakfast in the kitchen with the Jura Z6

Ease Of Use

Understanding how user-friendly the device is can be critical when deciding whether or not it is a good fit for your household. The Jura Z6 is an intelligent, fully automated machine. You can also use these features to operate wirelessly.

As well as making it easier to work with only a single button, the artificial intelligence system also tells you when your machine needs to be cleaned.

The color display does not have a touch screen, but the buttons are easy to press and label. You can also save your cup of coffee as a template. The settings won’t have to be reactivated the following time.

The Jura D6 may be more user-friendly and simple in appearance than the Jura D7. But it doesn’t save your coffee preferences using artificial intelligence.

The Jura E6 is very much like the D6. However, because there aren’t as many alternatives, it appears to be more straightforward. Aside from the maintenance lights and the ESM, it features an auto-off feature.

Is It Easy To Clean And Maintain

Except for cleaning, this machine can pretty much do it all for you. However, to extend the lifespan of your Jura Z6, you must take excellent care of it and perform routine maintenance.

The machine will notify you when you need to descale the machine and clean the milk frother. For an automatic cleaning cycle, use one of Jura’s cleaning tablets after rinsing the drip tray and the dregs basket (which can hold up to 20 servings).

This completes the cleaning procedure in around 20 minutes. To avoid the tedious descaling process, use Claris filters in your water reservoir instead.

The cleaning alerts and self automation makes cleaning and maintenance effortless.

Everything that has to be cleaned or refilled is readily detachable.

Close up of the Jura Z6 milk frother

How Good Is The Milk Frother

There are around 22 different types of beverages available on the Jura Z6, and most of them are milk-based. This machine’s HP3 milk system is one of the best you’ll find on an espresso machine.

The milk can be set to one of 10 different temperatures. These preferences can also be saved. The appropriate amount of milk can also help you determine the strength of the coffee. In addition, this coffee machine lets you choose between foam, frothed, or stream milk.

However, because there is only one boiler, milk-based beverages take longer to brew. However, you can’t control the milk’s temperature because the mechanism is automated.

smiley glad businessman with umbrella standing under money rain

Is The Jura Z6 Worth the Money

For the money, the Z6 from Jura is a top-of-the-line espresso machine. The price is comparable to other Jura models. However, the absence of a milk container is still a disappointment. Separately, they sell a stainless steel milk container compatible with their system.

Innovative technology like P.E.P. and an integrated grinder would cost you a few hundred dollars on their own, but the Jura Z6 has all three.

For as long as it has a two-year warranty, you can expect it to last you for many more cups of coffee if you take good care of it. (5) Never forget that this is a Swiss-made product of the highest caliber!

If this model has captured your heart, but the sticker price puts a damper on your budding (coffee pun intended) relationship, consider purchasing a restored model.

This dual grinder and thermoblock system intelligent espresso machine is an excellent alternative if you’re not put off by its high price tag and still want all of the features of the Z6 but with even more brewing power.

If the cost is too much for you to overlook, the Jura A1 is an affordable coffee machine that still has the essential features with a more affordable price tag.

Read our Jura A1 review here.

Jura z6 with a cappuccino and shot of espresso sitting in front of it.

Let’s Discuss The Features

Is there a specific characteristic that stands out the most in the Jura Z6? For example, the Z6’s P.E.P. lets it create an excellent cup of espresso.

The P.E.P. makes excellent espresso in part because it keeps the coffee’s aroma better than other espresso machines. In addition, using the Z6’s superior aroma grinder enhances the final product’s quality.

With the professional aroma grinder, you get 12.2 percent more scent and a continuously excellent grind quality throughout its service life. In addition, the Z6 grinder’s geometry has been refined to an art form by the engineers at Jura.

Fine particles are more prevalent due to this—these tiny granules aid in developing the espresso’s complex flavors in your mouth.

Barista-quality service? That’s up to the individual. The Z6, on the other hand, can accomplish everything a barista does with a single tap. Coffees like Caffe lungo can be created using the Z6’s automated mode. After the espresso is extracted, the Z6 automatically adds hot water to the mix. What you get are lengthy specialties that are both flavorful and satisfying.

Because it is a superautomatic espresso machine, these coffee machines have a high degree of automation. In the Z6, Jura has added artificial intelligence to its automation. Family members’ personal tastes are considered when setting up the machine, and the start screen is customized accordingly.

The Jura Z6 has everything you need to make a cappuccino every day, down down to which button to click.

Adding to the Z6’s’superautomatic’ status is its new automatic ceramic milk valve. It will automatically switch between milk and foam while making drinks, so you don’t have to lift a finger. But, of course, each drink already knows exactly how much milk and milk foam to add, so it only prepares what it has preprogrammed.

Anyone who has ever worked with an espresso machine knows how difficult it can be to keep them running smoothly. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your z6—no need to mess around with the internal mechanisms or worry about tinkering with the insides.

It also cleans the milk frother and steam spouts, and it is automated so that you don’t have to worry about it.

To make a cup of coffee, the water used must be high-quality. Unfortunately, people are always focused on the quality beans they use and forget that coffee is almost 100% water. This is why Jura invented the Intelligent Water System.

Heating water for coffee results in the formation of calcium. Fortunately, Jura’s CLARIS plus filter cartridge offers an elegant solution to this problem. The machine’s lifespan is extended because calcium deposits are prevented. There is a direct correlation between high-quality water and excellent coffee.

Smart houses are a prominent interior design concept. Smart refrigerators, home security systems, and voice-activated assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are becoming increasingly popular. The Z6 is ideal if you want to make your house smarter.

With the J.O.E. (Jura Integrated Experience) app installed on your smartphone, you can prepare a cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home using the Jura Z6. That’s an excellent method to make a good impression on your close pals, for sure.

An arrow hits a ball marked Right Choice in a pyramid of balls marked Wrong Choice to symbolize the difficulty and concentration required to make the best selec

How To Know If An Automatic Espresso Machine The Right Choice For You

Do You Prefer Automated Coffee Machines? The Jura Z6 is a fully automated coffee machine. It makes use of artificial intelligence to prevent you from having to touch a large number of buttons repeatedly. Instead, you end up with the best cup of joe.

Do you think it’s a good idea? Obviously, this is up to you, but the answer is yes in general. Filling and sanitizing the water is not required every time.

While you’re getting ready for the day’s work, Jura Z6 will make you a delicious cup of coffee.

However, understanding new technology can be a problem. For example, an automatic espresso machine may not be for you if you aren’t a fan of intelligent technology.

Reasons Not To Buy The Jura Z6

Even though it’s been praised, no coffee maker is flawless. So Z6’s drawbacks will be examined to see whether any are deal-breakers.

A single thermoblock is all that’s present in the Z6. To make a cup of milk, the water will take around 10 seconds to boil. The Z6 may not be a good fit if you frequently party or make a lot of milkshakes at once. If this is critical to your workflow, a system with dual Thermo blocks may be the best option.

The Z6’s grinder is fantastic, but the number of grind settings is restricted. This coffee machine is expensive, and it would be good if you could ground your own beans. It’s critical to have the ability to fine-tune your grind because it affects flavor.

Although the Z6 is programmable, only one drink can have a saved modification. User profiles, according to some, could improve the Z6 by enabling more personalization options.

Conclusion: Is the Jura Z6 Legit

Coffee drinkers will undoubtedly notice how the designers at Jura went above and beyond the standard in the process of creating a coffee machine by focusing on the aesthetics of their product. As a result, guarantee the best-tasting coffee whether you drink straight espresso shots or specialty coffee drinks.

These coffee makers are ideal for those who want a machine that can match their high expectations and produce high-quality brews simultaneously. Drinks of all kinds can be made with the press of a button with this device. Artificial intelligence populates the start screen with the most frequently created drinks.

The Jura Z6 is a superautomatic coffee maker smaller than most others on the market, but it’s packed with advanced features. One-Touch functionality, a smart water system, and connection with the J.O.E. app are just some of the Z6’s many features. It’s an avant-garde espresso maker.

The Z6 has all of the capabilities of a machine of this grade, but it’s much smaller. It’s an attractive investment because of this. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of espresso in the privacy of your own house thanks to this machine.

For the most part, the Z6’s main advantage is that it has perfected every procedure in the coffee maker to make a great cup of coffee. One benefit of the Z6’s pulse extraction method is that it produces espresso with the finest possible fragrance and flavor quality.

The SMART filter enhances the taste of coffee by improving the quality of the water it uses. A microfoam frother is also included, making it even more impressive.

A cup of joe will be at home in the Z6. You don’t even have to raise a finger to use it because it looks beautiful on any counter and makes delicious coffee.

If you want to read about the full list of models from Jura, read our Review of the best Jura Coffee Makers.