The Best Recipe For An Iced Coffee With Aeropress-With Detailed Tips

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Cold-brew and iced pour-over coffees seem to be the most popular iced coffee beverages. These, however, are not the only methods for making iced coffee with Aeropress.

A shaken iced Aeropress brews a rich, aromatic, well-rounded cup that’s quick and easy to make. Also, a thin layer of foam is produced at the drink’s surface, significantly improving the mouthfeel and enhancing the overall experience.

There is something impressive about this recipe. So the next time you have friends who love cold brew coffee, serve them iced coffee from this recipe and show them just how good it can be.

Can You Make Iced Coffee With the Aeropress.

Not only can you make a great-tasting iced coffee, but you can brew it in under 3 minutes.

Aeropress brewer markings play a role in its forgiving and simple design. For example, the markings on the plunger let you measure volume without using a scale by inserting it the same way into the brewing chamber every time.

Also included is an Aeropress scoop which scoops 14-16g of coffee when leveled and 17-18g when heaped when leveled. You can measure ingredients without a scale with these two methods combined. Thus, creating a rich, balanced cup of coffee.

17.5 grams of coffee and 175 grams of water will be used in this recipe.

175g of water comes to the top of the 1 marking when the plunger is fully inserted into the brew chamber of the Aeropress so that the rubber seal fully covers the seal. So keep that in mind, and the scale won’t be necessary.

While a scale will improve precision and consistency when brewing coffee with other methods – and I highly recommend investing in one for those uses – this is one of those instances where it’s not necessary.

Compared to Japanese Iced Coffee (iced pour-over), the Aeropress provides a more rounded flavor and a heavier body due to the immersion method and thin filter. Use an Aeropress filter made of stainless steel for bonus points.

Iced Aeropress Shaken Recipe

The following ingredients are needed to make iced coffee:

  • Aeropress
  • 17.5 grams of coffee
  • 175 grams of water
  • 150g of ice
  • Mason jar and lid or any good size container that has a lid so that you can shake it
  • Grinder electric or manual

First, heat your water to 200 degrees F. Next, grind your coffee grounds to a medium-high setting and place them into the brewing chamber (with the plunger in). Next, gently stir in 100 grams of ice cubes.

Place the filter (inverted style) on top. You won’t need to do this if you’re using beans.

Let’s get started.

  1. Set a timer, then pour 100g of water over the grounds. The level of the water should fall between markings 2 and 3.
  2. To make the perfect coffee, stir the water and coffee evenly for 10 seconds, then rest.
  3. At 35 seconds, pour the final 75g of water in. The level of the water should be at the 1 mark.
  4. At the 1 minute mark, put the filter cap on the Aeropress and place it on top of the jar or glass
  5. Around 1:30, gently depress the plunger until you hear a “hissing” sound.
Picture of the brewing process of an iced coffee with Aeropress

5.Shake for 15 seconds with the lid on the mason jar.

6.Then, top your iced coffee with 50 grams of more ice and enjoy.

A thin layer of foam forms on the surface of the coffee as a result of the shaking used in this recipe, which cools the aromas normally carried away by a hot coffee.

The foam is created by the natural oils in the coffee, enveloping air particles, creating thousands of tiny bubbles. It’s not the most flavorful foam the world has ever seen, but it’s fun and different. Your foam will get thicker the more oils you have in your cup.

Iced Aeropress Coffee

Filters made of paper produce a slightly cleaner cup than mesh filters made of stainless steel, but they also soak up natural oils, which are key to creating the flavor and silky body of the coffee.

When I serve shaken iced coffee, I prefer the mesh filters over the paper option.

Since this recipe has a 1:18.5 ratio of coffee to water, you won’t be adversely affected by the taste of watered-down coffee.

Adding ice at the end will not melt too much, and you will have strong coffee since shaking helps cool the coffee quickly while melting some of the ice.

What’s The Best Coffee To Use In Your Aeropress

This is an excellent coffee maker, but it will produce its best results only when paired with the right coffee.

If you don’t use the right coffee, you won’t get the best results.

Supermarket coffee won’t be as good as choosing freshly roasted coffee beans and grinding them yourself.

As soon as the coffee is roasted and ground, its freshness begins to degrade.

You may have noticed that the first few times you buy pre-ground coffee, it tastes amazing, but after a few days, it doesn’t taste as good because it starts to go bad.

It is easy for coffee to go bad once it gets exposed to air, and if you buy a packet of coffee that will last you longer than 3 days, you won’t be able to make any good coffee after that.

Freshly roasted coffee beans offer the most consistent freshness and taste for every cup.

There is no roasting date on the packaging of most coffee beans at the supermarket. Instead, only the law-mandated use-by date is included.

That’s because they were roasted months ago, and the vacuum seal alone can’t keep them fresh; they won’t taste as good as freshly ground beans roasted in the last few weeks.

Furthermore, supermarket beans are very inexpensive due to competitive pricing among the supermarkets.

Buying coffee beans is not expensive, but you should avoid the really cheap ones because they are usually made up of lower-quality Robusta beans rather than higher-quality Arabica ones.

As a rule of thumb, coffee beans in the price range of $28-$35 per 12 oz that has been roasted recently are much better than the cheap crap that costs $12 to $14 per 12oz.

We recommend Lifeboost coffee for your AeroPress since it is roasted on order and delivered to your door right away.

How To Keep Your Iced Coffee from Becoming Watered Down

Each iced coffee drink benefits from having coffee ice cubes because it holds the flavor longer. Having regular ice cubes in your drink will add water as it melts, causing a change in the water to coffee ratio, which is critical for flavor.

You can still have cold coffee drinks without the extra water by freezing your leftover coffee. To make iced coffee effortless, freeze coffee ice cubes beforehand for convenience.

If this sounds like too much work, then you can buy reusable ice cubes that you can freeze over and over again to put in your drinks.

If You’re Not A Fan Of Black Coffee

The flavor of your coffee beans will shine through in AeroPress iced coffee. Why not use homemade coffee creamer or syrup if you’re not a fan of black coffee? In addition to crushed mint leaves, we also like to add cinnamon or turmeric to our iced coffee.

Can You Get Crema From An Aeropress

Meet the criteria on how to have an Aeropress create cream using our tips. You can’t make crema if any other part of the process is incomplete.

For example, choose the right coffee beans – If any other part of the process is missing, you cannot make crema. 

  1. Before using the roast in the Aeropress, we suggest testing the roast through an espresso machine to see if it creates crema. Only buy quality roasts that are capable of producing good crema if you don’t have access to an espresso maker.
  2. As you would grind an espresso roast, grind your roast as well. Make sure you grind the roast finely so the water won’t pass through too quickly. Crema is most likely to form when the roaster and grind are fresh.
  3. The temperature of the boiling water should range from 198-205 Fahrenheit or (92-96 Celsius) when heating water. If you want to heat water quickly and easily, invest in a temperature-controlled electric kettle.
  4. When you apply pressure to your coffee you need to make sure the water doesn’t pass through too quickly, you must measure and filter the coffee to precisely 25g to properly make your Aeropress. You can use a metal filter or multiple paper filters so that less water passes through. Once the Aeropress is filled, add your coffee. In this case, using more coffee is better since water will pass through slower with more coffee.
  5. Depending on how your coffee grinder and filter are set up, you may be able to apply a considerable amount of pressure to your Aeropress. The water needs to be under pressure, but without an espresso machine it’s difficult to tell how much force is needed. In order to make an iced coffee with an Aeropress, you will have to get creative and create the proper 9/bars of pressure.

Quality beans are key to making great iced coffee, so that’s why I always recommend Lifeboost Organic Coffee. Their beans are shipped out within two hours of roasting, so it’s always fresh.

Trust me… fresh coffee is the only way to make an iced coffee

Purchase your fresh coffee beans right here.