The 9 best Jura coffee machine reviews

The Jura S8 Coffee machine . !1 of nine used during our review

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It sounds like a Jura coffee maker is on your radar. There are a plethora of options available to you at this point. Seriously. This Swiss corporation has outdone itself.

Choosing a Jura can be overwhelming due to all of the options. That’s why we did these Jura espresso machine reviews for you. We performed this Jura coffee machine review to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on these coffee machines.

The hardest part about this review was not putting them in an order that represents the best to worse. Instead, you need to look at each machine and determine which one is best suited to your household and budget.

A look at the top 9 home full and super-automatic espresso machines from Jura is featured in this review. Find out which one is best for the coffee lovers in your house by reading on.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Jura Coffee Machine

Many individuals prefer the ease of brewing black coffees or high-quality specialty coffees like latte macchiato at home instead of going out to a coffeehouse.

However, knowing the difference between Jura models is essential here. If you’re looking for the perfect cup of joe, you’ll need to know which fits your needs.

Jura A1 during our review at coffee semantics. Black finish on a marble counter

How Much Do You Want To Spend

Purchasing a Jura espresso machine can set you back a considerable sum of money. They do have options for every budget, though.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most popular models in each price range before we get into the nitty-gritty.

Beginner’s Level Jura Espresso Machines

One-third of Jura espresso machines are aimed at home espresso enthusiasts on a tighter budget, especially the Jura A1, D6, and ENA4 models. Each of these items is less than $1000 in price.

Mid-Range Jura Models

Color displays and touchscreens are available on Jura espresso machines that belong under this category and other cutting-edge technology.

There are also more beverage alternatives available than with the entry-level Jura machines. The E6, E8, E.N.A. 8, S8, and WE6 are examples of models that fall under this category.

Depending on the model, these espresso machines will cost you between $1000 and $3000.

High-End Jura Models

There is a higher level of build quality on these devices and a larger touchscreen. They also offer Smart Connect, which is accessible through the J.O.E. Jura coffee app.

The Z6, Z8, X8, and WE8 are examples of models in this category. On the other hand, prices range between $3000 and $5000.

The Creme De La Creme Of Jura Coffee Machines

The GIGA 6, GIGA W3, and GIGA X7 are the models featured in this category, representing Jura’s top-of-the-line models. However, because these espresso machines cost more than $5000, they are only suitable for individuals with extremely large budgets.

Jura J90 during our review on a marble counter

What Size Does Your Household Need

Jura coffee machines are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. Some are small enough to fit into a small condo kitchen, while others require their own dedicated space in the room.

Ensure that you are not falling in love with a machine that is simply not a good fit for your home.

Are They Hard To Clean And Maintain

All of their machines are equipped with self-cleaning routines, which help prevent scaling and other common issues with coffee machines over time.

You need to make sure that you perform these cleanings when your machine alerts you in order to allow it to last and work properly. 

Terms You Need To Know Before Buying A Jura Espresso Machine

It can be difficult to understand the terminology if you’ve never owned a Jura before because of its designers’ unique features.

While conducting your research, you’re likely to come across several of these terms.

CLARIS Filter System

Even if the name is a little strange, this is a feature that you’ll enjoy. Anti-scaling technology prevents calcium deposits from forming on the heating component.

 J.O.E. (Jura Operating Experience) App

With Smart Connect, you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your Jura machine via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows you to operate your device and customize your drinks via the app.

The app lets you customize the coffee strength, hot water, temperature, and milk texture of your brew each time you use it. In addition, you have the option of personalizing each drink to suit your preferences. iPhone and Android users can take advantage of the app.

The J.O.E. app can also be integrated with Apple’s Siri, which is a neat feature. For example, as soon as you ask Siri to brew you a cup of espresso, the machine will begin to do so.

However, not all Jura machines have Smart Connect. Some high-end models, such as the Z8 and the GIGA 6, include it.

You’ll need to purchase a Bluetooth receiver attachment if the machine you’re considering doesn’t have one.

The Aroma+ Grinder

The quality of your grinds is referred to as “aroma” in the coffee community. The “Aroma” profile is represented on the screen by an image of coffee beans.

The fineness of the grind is a good indicator of the strength of your brew, so pay attention to this. We recommend starting with the lowest setting and working your way up; typically, you’ll have between one and five options.

While the Jura conical burr grinder is not necessarily identical in each machine, most of them now include the Aroma+ Grinder as a minimum.

On the other hand, Jura grinders are known for being swift, silent, and consistent in grinding your coffee beans.

The Jura z8 with 9 milk based espresso drinks lined up around it showing you how many drinks are possible with it.

Fine Foam Technology

This means it froths the milk twice in different chambers before slowly pouring the textured foam into your milk-based drink, resulting in fine foam. It has a delicate, creamy texture as a result.


Pulse Extraction Process. This revolutionary technology enables quicker extraction by making the pre-infusing process more efficient. this gives you a deeper flavor

Showing the bypass doser opn a Jura E8

Bypass Doser

This allows you to bypass the beans in the hopper and use another kind.

This can be used to swap coffee types, such as when a decaf person in your life requests a coffee when you’re ready to create your own caffeinated brew. Or if you want a coffee in the evening but know you need to go decaf.

I.W.S. (Intelligent Water Systems)

This is a fantastic function. The Intelligent Water System is a detection system that runs internal checks based on your water (hardness, etc.) to ensure everything is in good working order.

It will alert you if you need to change the filter or if your water quality will hurt the machine.


IPBAS (Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System) brews excellent coffee. Pre-brewing the coffee with some water is what this method involves in general.

This is called blooming, When coffee grounds come into touch with hot water, carbon dioxide is released, which causes them to bubble and expand. The act of wetting your coffee bed to cause this release of carbon dioxide is known as coffee blooming.

We bloom coffee to allow time for the grounds to absorb water. Blooming also prevents carbon dioxide from seeping into your coffee, as it has a sour taste.

The TFT is displayed on a GIGA 6 Jura coffee machine. Showing the digital pictures of each drink to choose from.

T.F.T. Display

The T.F.T. (Thin Film Transistor) is the display screen on which the coffee machine operates. It comes with a Rotary Switch that allows you to change the settings.

This function allows you to select from all of the specialty beverages available and then push the button to receive the espresso beverage of your dreams.

Our 8 Top Rated Jura Coffee Machine Reviews

The following are Jura’s most highly recommended machines. Even though each of these machines has been thoroughly tested for this review, we urge that you do your own research. 

1. Jura E8  Best Overall

In addition to the espresso coffee maker and the glass milk container, the Jura E8 Automatic Coffee machine is one of Jura’s best-selling products. Using this, you may produce a wide variety of espresso drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos.

The Jura pulse extraction method is also used in this model, ensuring that you get the most flavor from each bean and a cup of coffee that is perfectly suited to your preferences every time.

You’ll get precisely the appropriate quantity of foam without overdoing it, thanks to the fine foam technology employed by this machine.

As a result, you get the best of both worlds: consistently great coffee and speedy service. It’s hard to beat both of those things.

It has a six-level Aroma G3 grinder, which is twice as quick as a conventional grinder at crushing beans. Every time, the outcome is a fast, smooth grind.

This coffee center looks amazing on your counter from an aesthetic standpoint. In terms of style, it’s in a league of its own. In addition, it’s a breeze to use.

It is possible to make milk foam right on the machine using the T.F.T. display, enabling you to choose the sort of coffee you want. Everyone in your family could do it in a matter of minutes.

Jura’s Fine Foam Technology creates the milk froth, which is a patented process that consistently produces barista-quality foam in your coffee.

Because the foam is never excessively light or heavy-handed, it truly sets Jura apart from the competition. In addition, each glass has the proper amount of liquid in it.

This machine is ideal for those who enjoy entertaining guests, as it is quick and versatile enough to make virtually any type of coffee. In our Jura E8 Review, we go into deeper detail, but the possibilities are limitless.


  • Modern frothing and brewing methods are employed.
  • It offers a wide variety of espresso drinks made with milk.
  • Provides a complete command over the frothing milk frothing system


  • It has an analog-digital display instead of a touchscreen(I prefer this, but some do not)

2. Jura Z6 Premium Option

The Jura Z6 is a luxury item. In addition, the Z6 was one of the first 17 coffee machines to have the Pulse Extraction Process. As a result, it produces barista-quality espresso and crema.

It also includes a sophisticated milk system that is simple to operate. Latte and cappuccino can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference. At the press of a button, you may choose from ten various milk and froth settings.

In addition, it comes with an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip that tells you when your water filter needs to be replaced.

It’s worth buying a refurbished Jura Z6 if you’re looking to save some money while still getting a high-quality coffeemaker.

Those with a significant budget and a need for different coffee selections are best served by the Z6, which has a wide range of settings and features.


  • Pre-infusion water goes into the drip tray instead of your cup
  • Cafe’s use this machine, this is how well built it is.


  • You have to back out of the menu by hitting the back button a few times (I know I’m being picky, but I found it annoying)
  • The water tank is a little small, but only large families will notice this.

3. Jura A1 – Best For Espresso Lovers

An easy-to-use bean-to-cup automatic espresso machine, the Jura A1. This machine is ideal for making espresso and ristretto if they are your go-to coffee drinks.

Three programmable buttons on the machine’s top allow you to choose between three different brew sizes. In comparison to other Jura machines, this one has fewer customization options. The Jura A1’s main selling point is its ability to deliver consistently high-quality coffee and espresso.

The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) allows it to pre-infuse the coffee to prevent under/over-extraction. In addition, the Aroma G3 grinder included in the machine’s most recent model delivers consistently excellent freshly ground coffee.

The piano-black finish and clean, basic design of the machine give it an air of refinement. Another benefit is that it’s one of Jura’s smaller machines, making it ideal for kitchens with limited space.

Coffee beans are stored in a hopper that holds 37oz of water. As a result, it is possible to utilize pre-ground coffee instead of whole beans if necessary.

As a matter of fact, you may expect the quality to be on par with that of drinks made by skilled baristas.


  • Its sleek and small form is sure to catch the eye of onlookers.
  • There is no better espresso maker for the price
  • This is the most affordable Jura espresso machine


4. Jura D6: Best For Beginners

Designed to compete with Jura’s more expensive E line, the D6 is a more recent model from the manufacturer. However, a simple text display and Rotary Switch have been used instead of a color screen to save money.

Six distinct specialty coffees can be made to order with just a single touch of a button. Although the D6 is a great machine for making cappuccinos, lattes you should be aware that it’s good at creating frothy milk, microfoam isn’t one of its strong suits.

Despite its low price, Jura’s Intelligent Water System was a pleasant surprise on the D6. You’ll know when it’s time to change your water filters if you use this method.


  • when compared to other espresso and cappuccino machines, it is affordable
  • Simple to use doesn’t require a learning curve.


  • Because there is no chute for ground coffee, you must use whole beans.
  • The Aroma G2 grinder is slower than the Aroma G3 grinder. (If you never had a machine with the G3 grinder, you would never notice).

5. Jura Giga 6 

It’s one of the more expensive options with many of the features you’d expect from the Jura family, such as milk frothing and the ability to control the strength of the brew, as well as some additional surprises.

Artificial intelligence is also employed, allowing the coffee machine to learn an algorithm based on your personal preferences and tastes.

If all of this sounds technologically advanced, that’s because it is, but Jura is at the forefront of this field. The machine uses dual ceramic disc grinders and burr grinders to ensure a consistent grind every time.

As a result, there is no typical coffee machine noise. In addition, because it has two separate fluid systems and pumps, it’s possible to make multiple cups of coffee at once, as well as milk. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to prepare the perfect cup.

Having the ability to quickly and easily make various coffees with the touch of a button makes it an excellent tool for hosting parties and other social gatherings.

As a result of its ease of use and low maintenance, it cleans up easily. It even has dishwasher-safe parts. Ultimately, this machine does exactly what you want it to do.

If you’re looking for a long-term investment for your coffee needs, this is the product for you.


  • Allows you to brew different types of beans without difficulty.
  • High-quality coffee with the most cutting-edge equipment
  • There are up to 28 drinks you can make with it, including a cup of coffee.
  • Compatible with Smart Connect so that you can personalize your drinks with the J.O.E. app.


  • Due to its size and weight, you’ll need a lot of counter space to accommodate this espresso machine!
  • It comes in first place on our list for the most expensive model.

6. Jura E6 

It weighs just 22 pounds, which is surprisingly light for a coffee machine of this caliber. Espresso, cappuccino, and regular Americano are just some of the beverages that can be made using this stainless steel machine.

In addition, it produces milk foam so that you can add texture and drink options to your menu.

You can prepare various drinks for your guests with the Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center’s clearly labeled buttons, making it simple to use. Everyone in your family should be able to use it without any difficulty.

It’s as simple as it gets, with all of the controls conveniently located on the machine’s front. There is no guesswork when it comes to specialty coffees because they are all pre-programmed.

Dual spouts allow you to make specialty drinks easily, reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare them. Nothing compares to this milking system.

For each cup of coffee, you can choose from eight different strength settings. There is no better way to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of their morning cup of joe. 

The pulse extraction process uses up to 60% fewer grounds while being relatively quiet and fast. This maximizes the yield from every coffee bean.

It’s simple to use, has a wide range of options, and can fit any counter. 


  • It is capable of brewing excellent espresso and cappuccino.
  • Affordably priced mid-range Jura


  • It lacks the most advanced fine foam technology on the market.
  • There is no coffee grounds chute.

7. Jura E.N.A. Eight

Ten different drinks can be made with this machine, which features the most recent technology.

There’s no denying that this coffee maker has a sleek, contemporary look. The diamond-patterned cylindrical water tank on the right makes the E.N.A. 8 even more fashionable.

Signature aluminum, white, black, and red is the machine’s available color options. – This makes it easier to match the style of your kitchen.

Thanks to the machine’s 2.8in T.F.T. color display, Drinks can be selected quickly. Espresso, ristretto, lattes, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos are all shown on the screen, as well as in high-resolution photographs.

The drink will be ready in a matter of seconds after you’ve touched the image you’ve selected.

The machine has a height of 12.7in and a width of 10.7in. This is the best solution if you have a small kitchen but still want a wide selection of beverages.


  • Grinder with ceramic burrs
  • Water tank with a unique cylindrical shape.
  • All the colors you could ever want for your kitchen’s decor are here.
  • This is a smaller version of the popular Jura coffee maker.
  • Intuitive color touchscreen display


  • There is no fine foam technology in the milk frother.
  • The water tank has a small capacity.

8. Jura S8

Jura’s S8 is the company’s latest high-end model. 

The Aroma G3 grinder is included, and 15 different customizable specialty drinks can be made at the press of a button. 

In addition, you can rest assured that whatever you choose will be perfectly prepared thanks to P.E.P. and Fine Foam technologies.

There’s a 4.3″ color touchscreen display on this model, which makes customizing your favorite drink a breeze. Vibrant graphics and animated sequences aid the entire process.


  • A larger, high-resolution touchscreen is included in the machine.
  • It makes excellent coffee and offers a wide range of beverage options.


  • Even though it performs and functions identically to the E8, it costs more.

Because of this, even entry-level Jura espresso machines require a sizable investment, as we’ve discussed throughout this guide.

9. Jura Z8

The Jura Z8 is, without a doubt, a high-end home brewing system that deserves to be considered. This super-automatic coffee machine is constructed entirely of aluminum casting and is designed in Switzerland.

Besides having a high-end build and a contemporary style, the machine also boasts a 4.3in high-resolution touchscreen similar to the S8. This makes it simple for the customer to navigate through the 21 drink selections and prepare their coffee with a single click.

It can even create a 40-ounce pot of Americano coffee. You can fit a carafe into the space provided by the adjustable coffee spout.

A rotary dial is located on the machine’s top, which is used to navigate through the menu options displayed on the screen. Moreover, the Z8 integrates cutting-edge technology to provide the greatest possible performance and coffee quality.

In terms of technology, the Z8 is virtually identical to the S8. So, what distinguishes this gadget from the others? First, the Z8’s dual heating systems and pumps enable the heating of both the coffee and the milk to occur simultaneously.

Additionally, it automatically adjusts the milk foam in the same drink, and you may also control the temperature of the milk foam. When it comes to high-end automatic machines, this is a crucial feature because it can simulate manual brewing while providing a beverage that you would ordinarily expect only from a skilled barista.

Additionally, because the Jura Z8 is Bluetooth-enabled, you’ll be able to take advantage of even more control with the Jura coffee app J.O.E. Because of this compatibility, the machine is transformed into a smart coffee maker, allowing you to configure all of the drinks to your precise specifications. The app also enables voice commands to

Even though the Z8 is one of the best Jura coffee machines in practically every regard, it is also one of the most expensive. However, it will not let you down if you have the financial means.


  • Two heating systems allow for simultaneous coffee production and a higher grade of coffee.
  • High-end construction quality
  • Smart Connect functionality allows you to control the machine from your tablet or smartphone.
  • It can make over 20 different cocktails and even brew a carafe of drip coffee.


  • It has larger dimensions, so make sure to measure the height of your cabinets to make sure it will fit underneath them.

Why Is Jura So Expensive

Espresso machines are more expensive than other types of coffee makers in large part because they are more time-consuming and labor-intensive to use. In addition, the boiler and pressure stat (which can cost up to $100 on their own) must be manufactured to the highest quality standards to maintain consistent temperature and pressure.

Water is forced through compressed coffee grinds at high pressure in only a few seconds, allowing espresso makers to work in record time. However, poor results can be caused by even the slightest error in pressure or temperature measurement.

Many machines are also equipped with optional accessories such as steamers. Although steamers appear to serve a straightforward job (heating and steaming milk), integrating them into the rest of the machine while selecting the appropriate components is a time-consuming and difficult process.

Not only does the sheer amount of parts make an espresso machine pricey, but so does the cost of labor. Unfortunately, many of those components are also too expensive to manufacture. A grinder, a thermoblock, portafilters, and a steam wand are all possible components of a machine.

The exterior will be made of metal or plastic and may have a chrome finish. These upgrades will add to the cost also.

The production expenses of an espresso machine are greater due to the large number of parts it comprises. As a result, consumers bear a portion of some of these expenses.

Is It Worth Saving Money By Buying A Refurbished Jura

These items should still work perfectly and cost significantly less money, so why not?

An espresso machine that has been factory refurbished is distinct from one previously owned.

This Jura espresso machine is as good as new and can save you hundreds of dollars if purchased from an authorized Jura retailer.

 In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the device, the company provides a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To top it off, customers in the United States can get their orders delivered for free. You can see if the model you’re looking for is available on their official website.

Conclusion-Are Jura Coffee Machines Worth It

These machines may be on the more expensive end of the domestic coffee maker price spectrum. Still, the coffee’s quality, functionality, and flavor produced more than make up for it.

Indeed, these are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and solidly constructed machines you’ll ever come across. 

The Jura E8 is the most highly recommended model on this list. As a result of its advanced milk-frothing system, it can produce the best-quality milk-based espresso drinks of any of the high-end Jura espresso machines.

A beautiful machine with an exceptional build will produce professional-quality espresso drinks, no matter which Jura coffee machine you choose to purchase. The experience will be so great that you may wonder why you ever needed to go to another coffee shop in the first place!

No matter which machine you pick, the Jura brand will ensure that you will be treated to great-tasting coffee and a dependable machine for years to come.