Top 7 Coffee Makers for College Students

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How do you manage to beat fatigue and exhaustion when reading or writing your assignments and research papers in college? Ideally, a student must stay up late or take advantage of early morning hours to complete his or her homework or study for an exam. In this case, you will require about three bucks for a coffee daily. What does this mean?

It will be impossible for a student budget to meet these expenses in the long run. Even if you are not pursuing a diploma or degree in financial management, you must find the most cost-effective solutions. A way out will be purchasing coffee makers for college students in an e-commerce platform or physical store. So, what aspects should you consider when choosing a brand before joining or while in college? Therefore, we have ranked a list of coffee makers for college dorms based on their customer value, affordability, usability, and durability. 

What Are The Best Coffee Makers for College Students?

1. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

What feature do you think makes this coffee maker for college students stand out? The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable is one of the fastest brands you can rely on to brew your drink. In particular, it can churn out several cups of coffee within 10 minutes or even less. Its standard version costs approximately $51.86 (at the period of writing this article). 

This coffee machine is easy to use based on online reviews and testimonials on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. However, it neither comes with whistles nor bells. These features differentiate this coffee maker from expensive brewers. Fortunately, you do not have to wait till the end of brewing to grab a cup of coffee. You can use an auto-pause feature to serve yourself if you are late for class.

2. KitchenAid 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker

Since it is uncommon for students to have more than a room in dorms or apartments, they must choose a brand with a classic design and one that takes minimal space. In case you are one of the students with these tastes and specifications, it would be best to consider purchasing KitchenAid 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker.

If you decide to purchase this coffee machine, you will enjoy its convenient features, including a backlit timer, varying flavor and strength settings, and up to 24-hour programmable settings in advance. Considering that you can purchase another brand with the budget of a KitchenAid 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker, what would make you select this one over others?

It is easy to fill and clean the water tank of this coffee machine because of its removable feature. Therefore, the choice is yours. 

3. Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Do you want to have something like a canteen coffee machine in your room without spending a lot of your money? In this case, you should consider purchasing this Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand maker. This machine makes a single cup of coffee at a time. 

After making the coffee, all you need to do would be putting your mug beneath the reservoir before pressing the lever. Since it is transparent, the design of this machine allows the user to gauge the amount of coffee in the brewer. 

What is more, this machine has a feature that notifies the user when it is time for cleaning. You require less than 10 minutes to brew the filled-up 12-cup reservoir with a coffee maker. 

4. Black+Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker with Travel Mug

Students pursuing STEM programs in colleges are either stuck in lectures or doing practicals in laboratories or workshops. For that reason, they are constantly out of their dorms or apartments. If you are one of them, you will require something to carry your coffee. Rather than buying a travel thermos mug and the coffee machine differently, could there be an alternative for a student who needs to save?

In this case, you should consider purchasing Black+Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker with a Travel Mug. A student requires approximately five minutes to fill a single thermos. Although considered the best coffee maker for college students in engineering and medical schools, it does not have an automatic drip. 

Since it is 7 inches wide and a foot high, it can brew enough for coffee college students who want to complete their assignments, homework, and research papers overnight. In particular, this beverage will not only increase your short-term capabilities but also help you become alert when reading. However, caffeine in coffee can cause addiction, suggesting that you might experience undesirable outcomes, such as severe headaches, in case you do not use it. Even though college students have busy schedules throughout the week, they should refrain from using this beverage daily. For that reason, they should consider seeking essay writing services from to reduce their dependence on coffee. This company has qualified experts that will help them rest after a long day in class, laboratory, or fieldwork by handling their academic assignments and homework. 

5. Mr. Coffee Café Barista Premium Cappuccino System

If you want something adventurous, it would be best to consider purchasing this coffee machine. Considering that it has a built-in milk frother, you can prepare a Macchiato, lattes or cappuccino, and espresso in the comfort of your dorm room.  

6. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Machine

Since it is challenging to know the best coffee for college students, you must purchase a machine that not only saves time but also can make different drink sizes. The Nespresso Vertuo meets these criteria as it requires 15 seconds to heat water and coffee beans. 

7. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you aim to acquire any machine that can make coffee in college, you should consider purchasing the CHULUX Single Serve. With this coffee maker, you can use different pods, suggesting it is versatile. It also makes a cup of coffee in three minutes. 

What to Look for Before Buying a Coffee Maker for College Students?

Depending on your budget and usability, it would be best to consider the following factors.


In this case, the question to ask yourself would be:

  • Will the coffee machine help me save?
  • Do I have enough cash to make the purchase? 


Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Would it make different tastes and sizes of coffee?
  • Can I set the timer?


Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Does it fit in my space?

While you want to drink coffee to remain alert and attentive in class or during personal study, you must be cautious about the implications of the beverage on your health and pocket. For instance, you might reduce expenditures on purchasing coffee by purchasing the machine. However, you require external assistance to rest rather than seeing the coffee maker as a “savior” for fatigue and burnout.