What Your Coffee Order Says About You to a Date

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Whether you like it or not, what you order when first meeting someone will reveal a lot about your personality. You see, what we eat and drink says a lot about us as individuals; that goes for coffee too. So if you want to give your date a sneak peek into who you are as a person, check out these meanings of coffee orders before your next date:

●     Decaf

A decaf coffee order means that you are a person who likes to take things slow. Decaf is a beverage without the presence of caffeine. It is also packed with antioxidants and is rich in fiber. What this means is that people who order decaf are ultimately low-key people who deal with things in a calm and relaxed manner. It is also a great choice if you’re feeling tired and want to relax without any added stimulants when senior women dating.

●     Espresso

Espresso is one of the strongest and most caffeinated coffees out there. If you’re looking for a drink that will keep you alert, espresso is the drink for you. Espresso is generally drunk black, which means that it has no milk, no sugar, and no other extras in it. Ordering it is a great way to show your date that you’re a strong person who isn’t afraid to go for what you want, no matter how overpowering it may be. This drink will also show them that you are confident in your own choices and that you aren’t someone who needs to be coddled.

●     Latte

If a person orders a latte, they are adventurous and like to take risks. A latte is a milk-based coffee drink that’s slightly sweet and rich. As a beverage, a latte is not only delicious but also very healthy; it contains calcium, Vitamin B2, and B12. If you like this type of coffee, chances are you’re a nice person who doesn’t like to get too caffeinated, because lattes aren’t known for having a high amount of caffeine.

●     Macchiato

A macchiato coffee can be ordered by a person who is full of confidence. Macchiato is a kind of espresso with a bit of milk foam. Generally, macchiato drinkers like their coffee sweet and light. They aren’t looking for a heavy, overpowering cup of coffee, and they like to add a bit of flavor to their cup, but not too much. This beverage is often ordered by confident and strong people who want to show their elegance and style.

●     Cut

A person who orders a cut is someone who likes to take charge of the situation. A cut is a shot of espresso poured over a small amount of hot water. It can also be called a “cut shot.” Many people who like to take control of the situation order it because it’s super fast and easy to make. If you’re a person who likes to get things done quickly, try ordering a cut the next time you’re at the café!

●     Americano

An Americano is a black coffee with a dash of hot water added. It is usually made with a 1:1 ratio of espresso to water, which means that it’s a lot weaker than espresso. It is a great drink for people who love strong coffee but don’t want to feel too jittery. People who order an Americano are rough and tough.

●     Frappuccino, Coffee Frappé and Café Misto

A frappuccino, a coffee frappé, or a café misto are coffee beverages that are topped up with whipped cream and lots of flavors. If you order any of these, chances are that you’re a show-off who loves attention. These beverages are creamy, full of sugar, and have loads of calories. People who order them are often narcissists who love to be the center of attention.


We all have our favorite types of coffee, and that’s completely fine. If you’re ever on a date, don’t be afraid to order what you like, regardless of what these coffee orders say about you. Coffee is a beverage that’s meant to be enjoyed; no rule says it has to be consumed a certain way. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you’re having a good time!